Monday, August 16, 2004


title: Sunny skies


mood: Anticipatory


thot: "Dog days? Doldrums?

Not in these environs."


Yesterday, Sunday, i pulled

weeds for the widow. It was

nearly more fun than werking

on my own yard.

Later, Cat & the kids celebrated

Kay's b'day by bringing Apple pie

and Neopolitan Ice cream to the

Matriarch. OH~~and eggs...we

needed a few of them between

grox runs. We had much fun

watching the Gymnastics and

sussing out the difference

between the werds, "body fat"

and "bobby pins". Neither of

which would help you much on

the balance beam. Hmm...


Today: Monday, August 16, 2004

I did my typical good werk @

werk with scant contraband.

Rose, the receptionist, was in an

especially good mood. Come to

think of it---everybody in the

Town was bright & congenial.

[Hurricane Charley has had a

devastating effect in Florida...

Yet, this Region has been fairly

blesst with moderate niceness.]

Some=thing in the Aer^


The green=ghost is champing

at the bit. She wants to make a

good impression @ the next

impending Confluence. AND get

her foto publisht round=about

in all the best Glows. Fortunate

Me~~i just have 2 remember 2

wear a certain gifted Tee-shirt.

And, perhaps, keep evybody else

on tenterhooks until WE post of

this next best Meeting of the

Minds. {It'll be a walk in the park}


Reminded of Reminding:

Perhaps lightning can strike twice

in proximity. The Slack will advise.

Tomorro & tomorro...

Tap~VROOM^ and, of gourse,

Well=Met Smooches


sunflowerkat321 said...

'tis the eve of the confluence...  I might not be able to SLEEP.
Feels like Santa's coming to town.

floralilia said...

till the 'morrow mon cher... be on the lookout for the fabled floralilian carriage...

deabvt said...

Pics of the green=ghost?

belfastcowboy75 said...

the slack now quoting from shakespeare. is there no end to his filosofical reach?


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