Friday, August 27, 2004


Title: bounce the bounce

Mood: peripatetic

Music: Billy Joel, the



Thought: "When i catch

on to this thing, i believe

I will abandon it entirely."


{i do not encourage nor

solicit my children to drive

or park like me---it might

lead to a bad middle.}


Which leaves us where?


"The world is large & filled

with especial individuals---

i know, I've met nearly less

than half of them."


Thot: "when all the Rivers

meet at the Ocean, are they

still not only a collection of



And thus it is possibly so.

It amazes me at this time &

in this Age, that so many

Glowers are bumping into

each othre on a regular basis.

[a macro=model of Quantum

Mechanix allows for this.]

More=over & less=the=never,

i take no personal credit for

such especial confluences.

Would that the werld could

operate always on this level.

WAIT! It does! Nations of

Olympians are still thus

meeting as are the forces of

political nature in cities all

over the globe...Often for

good & sometimes for very

bad consequences, results.

{Natural Estriving...}

Point of a Point: WE offer

a new twist on simple

meetings~so many of us

are co=joined Advancely of

Purpose; and we tend to

throw off Pretense. Thus~

is it a new paradigm or

simply a progressif evolution?

{i am not so deep & heavy

in this's just

anothre ponderance to me}

Thursday, August 26, 2004^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To dreme the dreme:

Meanwhile & apparently,

we=all had so much fun

meeting each other that

Now...none of us can catch

our collectif adipose with

all hands. Pages! Pix!

Posts! It's like when your

answering machine has

twenty messages and you

have no Time to listen to

them all. Hmm~remember

when those fone machines

were analog, with tape

schpools & evything?

{i date myself there but

never had one. Somehow,

we survived.} Any=way,

i have already posited that

August is the oppressif

month of freneticism.

Movement for motion sake.

A veritable sheetstorm of a

month... OH, Well~we'll

get there. Eventual^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jay, G bless him, has a very

interesting assignment.

[parafrase:] "Select & expound

on your favourite elementary

skool subject--with linx & pix

of gourse." [end of parafrase]

Nobody is going to believe

this, but my dearest endeavour

in Catholic grade=school was:

(All gasp~) Spelling! It was

my especial milieu aside from

Recess. And, on more than

one occasion, i beat the best

three girls @ stand=up spelling

Bee. [this frustrated the Nuns

to no end---that a mere boy

could excel in the language

arts in the face of superior

feminine communicative

orderliness.] There=after i

became both slave & master

to the written, Read or

understood word. There was

also a Nun in high school who

couldn't believe i wanted to

take a typing & shorthand

course instead of collegebound

honours classes. I had an

inkling that pounding on a

keyboard was eventually going

to be the goto job in future.

Little did i know as a piano

playing Writer, or later in

college Actual---Math, Science

& yes, SPELLING would inter-

sect. (the top=desk computre)

Enuf of dat!^ i shoulda taken

a coupla shop=courses so

i could have fixt three of the

cars i've sacrificed 2 the

crusher. And instead of me

on the mark, you'd be Reading

the concommitant Remarks

of a motor=head. AND other

things. OR else of which i

cannot ponder^

Remember 2 add 2500 to my

hit=countre; i am widely Red

by fans of large, impetuous

Werds. PLUS+ i may posit

strings of text which no person

has far=thus encountered.

And, yes, we'll all catch up.


Friday, August 27, 2004^


merelyp said...

I believe in your spelling prowess, just as much as your keyboard talent!  (finally got the CD back from BabyMae!  Yay!)
Everybody is taking some frenetic August mugginess off from the Infernal Machine.  It seems the thing to do in light of hurricane-buffeted minds and landscapes, I think.  The Sat Six sixth question pertains to you, regards to me.

regards from the smooching dancer!

belfastcowboy75 said... may never find the adipose with both hands again, because the confluences seem to offer too many possibilities and disrupt the comfort of the uneventful. The fish with adipose fins (salmon, smelt, herring) are the glowers, the ones that fight the current to return to their hatching pool...a symbol for confluence, I think. You may never ketchup, but so much the better.

You are widely read by me and many others who know to add.

slacbacmac said...

Well the Put, cow=boy...
Altho i am not in the total
{filosofy allows for Refinement}
Thanx 4 Reading^  ~author

floralilia said...

please pass the ketchup.


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