Friday, August 20, 2004


Thot: "there's not an Olympic

event in Confluencing?!"


Title: Hot Friday


Mood: summery


Music: Airco, Olympix


Friday, August 20, 2004

The soop is all. I've been

catching the Greek Games

in spits & spats while

watching cats. It seems

we're doing alright in

everything but skeet shoot

and badminton. Oh, well.


Of the conflux, Flo has the

best over=all rendering...

excellent really, considering

she was at the shore a scant

week ago. Yes, that is a real

babbling brook we sat on the

edge of---altho our babbling

almost drowned it out. Did

we say the time was too brief?

OR was it obvious? Still, it

was all the fun. [i can picture

Dancer just getting to the air

port and telling security,"Let

me on the plane! I'm a Glower."]

And to think~~only one of us

was werking 4 the FBI setting

up a complicated sting. Does

anyone know how to de=bug

a late model Chrysler?


Meanwhile, the Hot is back.

I pray the people in Florida

are getting the relief they need

after Charley...i know a little

about what it's like to live

without Power for a week.

{the Florida Glowers will

advise^} AND~without making

a political statement, some

Iraqis would rather have such a

hurricane than their current

circumstance. We can pray for

them as well: especially the

misguided persons who are

trying to destroy a good thing

[Democracy] just as it is taking

hold. Pray on Pray, then, it's

a Mitzvah.


Have i been concise & cogent?

My entries are not generally

noted for it. WAIT! We're

still having a Party! With or

without those ubiquitous

Alerts from our sponsors.

Seems like only the yester

when we began doing torches

and floats and...every=thing.

SO~without totally losing my

train of thot, i'm gonna bounce

to my faves & schniff the Wind.

And bask like a lazy tourguide

until...Sundayish slac



karynetaylor said...

great pictures!!!

cneinhorn said...

I'm in a summery mood too :-)
great photos of your gettoghter.......I saw them at......
was it Flo's site.......I forgot who posted them, flo or mummsy.....
but liked the group shot of you all by the babbling brook ;-)


kathleenggoode said...

It has been fun watching the Olympics; the Greek who won the gold on the rings last night was great.  Oh and that 26 year old Cuban woman transplanted to America won a silver on the vault.  I loved it.

merelyp said...

You have a pumpkin parkt in your yard?  That would be mine.  Vince has been schlurping from my misplaced glass slipper.  better that than my neck, one supposes.  I love the twosome pic of us, mainly because I am sure Karyn is green with envy-- and also because we have the fun, brief as 'twas. (my fault... eyes darting at boo-ful scenery instead of highway signs.)
Today the school started, as did mumsy.
New beginnings are almost as good as looking forward to eventual confluences!
~~the dancer who eschewed the dance yet lost the footwear anyway.


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