Monday, August 23, 2004


Title: Bells? Balls? Soft=Ball?

Mood: attentif

Noise: beach ball=volley

Thot: "When you have too

much gas, often you are left


Yesterday, i was watching all

the Diving...this morning i saw

team handball. Apparently it

is like water=polo without all

the schwimming. Also, the

various American boat=men

have done well---from skiffs to

canoes. Not like i'm following

any of it real closely; but the

Olympix are a necessary break

from ordinary Sports programming.

[Celebrity BlackJack? Arena

football? NASCAR crashes?]

Just saying^

The cat=sitting job is over & i had

a grand time with the girls and

their clay shunkies. Still, like all

spoilt children~they prefer Mom &

Dad to the presence of a stranger.

{This is an ideal way to interact

with pets---One week in the Year.}

Again, since they know me, the

kitties were not much traumatised.

OH! Sometime Saterday, i ran

around like a nut on my way to

werk. And that included buying

$20 werth of gasoline for the

green=ghost. [see Thot abof^:

this antique auto actually prefers

to run on fumes.] Nevertheless,

she had run all the good for more

than a month. To=day was the

exception. She apparently

swallowed too much of ethyl for

the ride home. {i have only said

that^ sentence 4 or 5 times within

my real life.} Anyway, i tried and

tried 2 start her and she would have

none of it. I took the bus home and

was especially consoled by my

regular gal bus=driver. Tomorrow,

the Rescue! Tap~vroom

[one of the Parish detectifs was

impresst that my green beauty runs

at all...and was no help] PERHAPS:

the car is both jealous of conflux

AND cat=sitting?! Hmmm...

My garden is thick with Cucumbres.

They are almost killing the tomatoes!

And i only planted that one vine.

Mercy & Egregement, i totally missed

the Anniverersal Ball with all these

petty kerfuffles~~a slight amount of

extra petrol in your chariot and

things descend precipitously into the

lower rings of DANTE'S purgatory.

There you have~~if i rescue & remit

all possibles within my purvue,

then who will ameliorate my thus

engendered conditions & fates?


It's all Greek to me^^ fleur de wall

@ the Ball, the steadyfooted slac



uscga1995 said...

a.  You missed my birthday.
2.  I turned 29 last week...........  ;)
c.  The olympics have been distracting me from Fox News Channel.  I miss Greta.
iv.  It's all greek to me.
5.  Impressive that you remembered both KT's b-day and JJ/LM's anniversary.

Why do they call it an "iron" if it's made out of plastic and teflon?

deabvt said...

Missed you at the dinner!

emcknzz said...

My cousin is a fibber... must get it from his Dad! We all know that I'm turning 29 this year. I, too, am enthralled with the Olympics... sports fanaticism definitely comes with the Mackenzie genes!

louf48 said...

me?  A fibber???

slacbacmac said...

Capsizer~~August 12th, 1973?
My Amnesia mixes with Eclecticism...
Gimme a break~at least i'm watching
the Games>>

merelyp said...

We were flowers of the wall together then.  how romantic.  
still... that glass slipper made its way into Vince's lips

emfeasel said...

You're having to much fun over met Mumsy and the girls to boot!



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