Saturday, August 14, 2004


Title: between the Rock & the hard Place


Mood: Assignatory


Music: my own


TEXT: Jay provides a simple & EASY

test by any standard...He posits that we

can remember well the few journal entries

that Impacted our lives in this, our

Anniverseral time. YET, i disagree that

it is easy OR simple. Let me, therefor

drone on in bulletted form>>

the fire @ mary's glow

the demise of Journal Enquirer

the spoof @ Almedare

realising that all the Glows were especial in

their own write [reverting to asterisks]

* those first times i visited:

*Mumsy, Muse, DesertDawg, Flo...

*my own rages @ Aol 9...

*those PentaGlowers who have stopped by

here OR who just disappeared...And

*inadvertent lapses in really funny glows


SO~you see, i could go on right into the

Anniversal age of my Arrival on the

PentaGlows OR, disregard all of them for

a Moment when journaling changed my

Life~~it either hasn't happened or it is

Thus all around me. Confluence!

I have been influenced as a filosofer by

All of them^ i go on too long and the task

is more difficult than it appears.

'Twas ever Thus...

Saturday, August 14, 2004...

The Capsizer is mostly correct. It is

about the random thots. And you can't

get more eclectic in that regard than to

bounce here. I'll talk about just about

any=thing, perhaps. Like: one of my

sisters is having a birthday tomorrow.

Which, by coincidence, she shares with

the recently sainted Julia Child. And my

sister cooks almost as good...that is, i

hope Kay lives to be 91 & makes me a

messy omelet the next time i see her.

[the down=side of Kay's especial day

is that Elvis Presley passed away that

same week when she lived in Memphis]

AS i have sometimes said in my inky

jernals: Big Changes naturally seem to

happen in August. Ask anybody.

Today was contraband day at the yard.

Some people just don't get the concept of

Recycling. They bring all the wrong schtuff

OR on the off=day i'm not here and the

gate gets left open...they bring garbage.

PEOPLE! People! It's a recycling centre,

not a dump. My first customer brought bags

of grass, which they were going to toss

plastic & all into my low roll=off. Seeing as

i had just arrived, i sternly said,"Empty the

Bags." Then, after i noticed what they were

discharging, i added,"You know the hauler

picks up grass in open containers..."

Mercy~the things 10% of the people will get

up to when they think nobody's looking.

{i am werth every sheckel the parish pays

me to regulate such things.} 'Nuf Dat^


Speaking of summer Olympics: i watch it

for the Swimming & the Diving~most often

the girls. SO, it surprised me when i heard

on NPR that the English team was being

admonished for wearing white lycra suits.

IN the werds of King George,"Bring it On!"

The original Olympians did evything in the

NUDE & they had to schwim in brackish

water. And after what happened at the

SUPERBOWL, who cares if the NBC cartel

has to pixelate a few British nips & camel

toes? ON ten variegated channels?

[the female long=jumpers & pole=vaulters

can be just as entertaining in their fashion.]

I'll drop the subject for now, because, like,

I'm not a sports fan largely.


Which brings me Accidental to the News

from New Jersey. EXCUSE me, if i do not

weep for the Governor. At last count, the

clouded gentleman Democratic exemplar

has...hmm---TWO wives, TWO dafters AND

a boyfriend that he picked and paid to spend

time in his, administration. We should all be

so lucky! Without getting into how Jersey

could be the next ground=battle for same-sex

Marriagitators~~wasn't it nice of Jim to

schedule his apparent resignation until after

the next election? Oh, crud & Never Mind~

it'll shake out in ways i cannot Today imagine.

PLUS+ i can't posit the litigation all=to^

more=over, i am not political

{base=fans: do not Incenderise on that^}

Every=thing else proceeds apace and in its

own Time...there are Confluences within

Confluences and the wide=slack werld will

posit 2 them Eventual. Torches, Up!

*Wildly Red, yet fiercely Unknown out=side

of certain circles~ opinionated slack



uscga1995 said...

1.  You should watch beach volleyball.  Not only do the players wear bikinis, they have bikini clad cheerleaders between sets.  That's the olympic sport for those who like to watch Cinemax.
2.  Don't worry about blog impacts on USCGA1995.  I won't turn down a $19 million dollar contract with the Miami Dolphins in order to continue smoking weed/herb/grass/maryj/or whatever you 1960's folks call it.
3.  Went to wedding reception tonight.  Best things about weddings - free beer.


karynetaylor said...

Your friend down there leaving comments sounds fun, I've been seeing him around yet do not know him. Assuming it is a him, I could not take anymore rivalry of the female variety.

Anyway, what I REALLY mean to say is, I'm b-a-a-aa-a--ccck-kk-k-kkkkkkk!!

sunflowerkat321 said...

I could not name JOURNALS that have impacted my life...but the whole of j-land has had GREAT impact.  It's very early Sunday... 2 1/2 days!!!

deabvt said...

Torches Up!

slacbacmac said...

kayy:  that's one of my favourite nefs & noah's
dad [i still can't believe that part.]  Still, i
encourage only friendly rivalries.
Appreciata other torchers>>   ~Author


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