Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Title: Rescue on Rescue

Mood: salvatory

Noise: philly news...

Thot: "As soon as i catch

on to this thing, i think

I'll abandon it entirely."


Cat & Rocky popped in on

us & found us...fairly

relaxt. They have so much

more going on in their lives

than us; altho, to be true,

the August malaise has

descended lightly on them.

PLUS+ They had to Rescue

Rocky's auto from a parking

problem akin to my trip to

werk on the rescue of my

classic sheet=mobile.

Mercies & Blessings! At

least, the weathre is good

for such Adventures!

{i do not encourage or

solicit my 'children' to drife

or park like me---it can only

lead to a bad middle.}


Which leaves us where?

AT the schtore? AT the

farmacy? Running around

like monkeys with 4 wheeled

Stereos? It pondres me much

and so. Forward we must

proceed becos anti=time has

not yet been discovered.

[i am werking on it.]


The werld is large & filled

with especial Individuals---

i know, i've met almost less

than half of them. And the

day is Young! {i posit myself

on the rather Aristotlean

assumption that We Ain't

seen nothing Yet.} Which

does not include periodic

Mechanical troubles.

[incomplete sentence]^^

Advise of the Advise &

Rescue the Rescue...


Tuesday, 24 August, 2004



sunflowerkat321 said...

So often, anti-time would be a good thing.  Go back and take another path....hmmmm!  But I'd want to make sure that the path led to j-land!!

sunflowerkat321 said...

PS - I didn't see the photo until AFTER I'd commented.  Time to slow down and smell the roses. I don't think I deserve all the credit for that masterpiece.  Don't you think Skat/Slac 04 would be more appropriate??

sasonalmah said...

Well, anti-time.......that is an interesting subject!  Please, do let me know if it you shall ever come to know!


haikulike said...

By the way, when you get that anti-time thing worked out, I need a prescription...
like yesterday.  I want all time spent on the InfernalMachine erased.  Not that it hasn't given me complete joy, but I am single-handedly responsible for the overpopulation of this planet with dustbunnies.

deabvt said...

Tap~Vroom.....in the Middle.

slacbacmac said...

{secret, secret}  Last week i spent all the
anti=time grant money allocated in 2007...
How do you think i got that old car?

ondinemonet said...

Hello Slack :)

Dropping by to say "Hi" and read the awesome you!

Always, Carly :)

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata all commentateurs>>
AND, now, there are more pixtures^
more on the morro  ~Author

floralilia said...

slacdahling - while your at it - can you work on the transmorgridifier too? i really could use one of those too...




louf48 said...

OK, who packed my parachute?

hrmore1956 said...

I like #25 of 25. It's much better than the missing Scream.



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