Sunday, August 1, 2004

Title: Incidentals


Mood: perspicacious


Noise: old movies


Idea: "i wouldn't choose to

be this admired; so many more

deserve the better bounce."



Everso much the so that the

car loves the Hot & Humid.

Especially if it's on a Laundry

run. And over=due.

[incomplete sentences^]

Do you know how many people

wash their clothes on Sunday?

At the laundromat? Lots.

Never mind~if i can clean a

moldy shunky, i can expressly

rinse out a few things. And

complete the NYTimes puzzle

over eggs & grits. Natural.


Shhh...the ham & bean soop

is just beginning. More=over,

my elexn 2 the PentaGlows has

improved my schpelling.

What's the up wit dat?

And i consider the resetting of

my 'counters' as a rebirth;

A new & better Dedication to

the ideals of Glowing. {i would

not be bumpt for only that?^}

Sunday, August 01, 2004

And there you have.

Better filosofy always folloes

the Sunday posit--or nearlyso.

Appreciata especial Visitories!

Werk invigorates me...


wumzels2 said...

your journal scares me.......................i actually understand it..................

hrmore1956 said...

OOOH, I'd forgotten how full those laundromats can get. Sometimes I would get up an hour early and do my clothes in the morning before I went to work. And I'm not an early riser, by any means. It's just that I have crowded laundromats so much.

Have a good Monday!

deabvt said...

slac, watch dat schpelling!
Man I could go for some of that soup!

karynwiththewhy said...

"your journal scares me" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

That was the funniest comment I have ever read!!! I am still laughing.

THAT scares me.


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