Wednesday, March 31, 2004


It was a dull and iffy day...the green=ghost did not like the grey and misty dullness, yet somehow the grand old monster took me to werk and back with minimal stalling.

With help from the boss, i am getting my full contingent of roll=offs.  But the weather was dreary enuf not to solicit an abundance of customers.  Being back at werk is a kind of therapy, tho.

Jim [my bro] & John [Toni's bro] stoppt in yesterday for a visit and an i've said before, we're on a long hard road to recovery {and future surgeries} but it is good news that Toni & Todd are conscious and relatively healthy, considering.  Which means, of gourse, that prayers are still required.  I'm not especially the most religious guy in the werld---but this experience has brot me closer to the Higher Power i communicate with.  Thanks yet again 4 the mercies & blessings we have received from my 'fan=club'.  I smooch you all at once herewith & to save time.

Floralillia is one of those praying angels---and she has the really cool desk=top tour going on right now.  My desk is way too messy to take a picture of, so i sent her a drawing.  I'll get the hang of this InterWebby thing, someday.  And don't forget 2 write haiku for Dancer...

ChekYall a littlelata~~slack


wildflower121764 said...

Hey Slack, well your desk looks a lot neater than mine. lol :)

cyberdancer1008 said...

And your Haiku today was especial, O slackster. Keep us dated up, Kay? smooch

floralilia said...

sir slakpicasso - the queen thinks this is the best picture of all the desks - hands down. she is impressed royally.

(and the prayers continue...)

deabvt said...

Great haiku, today, Slac!!

slacbacmac said...

Haven't heard any bad news about Toni & Todd
[which counts as good news, often]
It's not so much a desk as an antique 'server',
a piece of furniture that makes a good fone=table.
I am not 2 coool 2 haikuu---more tomorro

hrmore1956 said...

Hans <--- continues to pray for Toni, Todd, and the rest of the family.

And, "Fan Club"? How gauche, Mac, and disappointing. I thought this was a first-rate locale.

Hans <--- stays home if clubs aren't air-conditioned.

rrveh1 said...

Kitchen near desk area=smartspace! Cool Art desk!

karynetaylor said...

you AMAZE me. I am laughing at your illustration, I loved the areas depicted as "clutter" and "wire mess". I WAS in incredibly crappy mood but knew I could turn to you for mood=improved.

Glad relatives are getting better, will continue prayers.

Have a great weekend. Off to check out the competition. I mean, Flor's journal...

~ Karyn

musenla said...

Why did I have the feeling that you would give us a desk tour in that inimitable slac way? =P

slacbacmac said...

IT's just a drawing of a desk! But, yes
it pondres me if there is an imitable slack
out there, posing, posing~~Naaah


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