Tuesday, March 23, 2004


This is the colour of the remaining brisket...have added especial PA~Dutch eggnoodles.  Won't be long now...[slac has the cast=iron stomach]

Took the green=ghost for a round trip to the grox {grocery} store; mostly the schtuff Hane loves: decaf cola, cranberry cocktail, tomato juice, boxt potatoes & bananas. [potassium deficiency, any=one?] Cheddar cheese & broccoli...chicken broth.  And speaking of the shunky, i must empty it forthwith & toute de suite.

I love my new check=card~~i spent like 20 $ on the grox & got 20 $ back!  To play around with.  It gives me a sense of power to play banking mogul at the local food=merchant.

Get me wrong not! i still prefer to use cash in my everyday transactions---it feels so crisp in my wallet.  This, too, shall pass.  The weathre is still cold but sunny~~perfect for schlurping the cabbage flavoured noodles.  And positing just how to insert random spurious equal=signs.

Vroom Vroom & soon the back to werk...  fleetfooted slac


merelyp said...

Only you can get people to come read your g=d grockery list! thanks for the visit to Neverland. I'm going to warn Mae about your tendency to steal hearts. 8-)

slacbacmac said...

Twas ever Thus~~the plural of grocery is grox.
The epithet is "goshdarn" or "dogdarn", perhaps.
Never mind, i haf the many good students all=to

floralilia said...

i grok slac.

floralilia said...

pee-esque: cute pikshur.

ckays1967 said...

cabbage days=7 !!

ET pink fluid....run fast=ly to the rest=room.

{did I get any of it right slac master?}

hrmore1956 said...

Slac looks very=comfortable on the lawn chair.
Hane looks either excited or cold, or both.

slacbacmac said...

Good one class! All are correct.
Except Hans who tried to identify
people in the pic~~research.
[Hint: there are few pix of myself]

karynetaylor said...

eggnoodle check=card
crisp sunny colour weathre
mogul cabbage slac

musenla said...

And who is that goodlooking darling of a boy you pictured here?

Grocery shopping, I used to like it but since I'm not cooking much lately, I hate it now! I put it off until the very last minute when I'm out of almost everything, which makes me hate it even more, argh.

karynetaylor said...

the VERY worst thing to be "out of"
making grocking even MORE unpleasant =
CABBAGE of the Spending Variety

I know that feeling all too well.

~ K

carolhehe said...

I got in here from Hans pimpin ya! I love de cabaj too Yummy!

slacbacmac said...

The picture: believe it or not, that's my great
Nephew Noah who has been featured before...now
he walks & talks & swims. OK, he floats.
[nice haiku Kay]


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