Wednesday, March 3, 2004


Title:  Art 4 Arts' Sake

If you think you've seen these art=werks have.  Unless of gourse, you're not reading the deep=enuf.  It's a visual medium as far as i'm concerned. [tell that 2 my Impers & e=mailers!]  I swear that in about 90 days (same as Cash) i'll try to fitip movies & music.  I mean, wouldn't that be special?  I go slow because i am slow~~i also Glow in snow.  Fortunately, the weather is better than that.  Hane is watching the Jessica fresh off the Rosary & i am just filling the time date=upping the jernal.  Is that reflexif and self=referential enuf?  It pondres me as a painterly person...[and perturbs me as a poetical pilferer.]  Watch out for the synecdoche!  Hyperbolic shouts 2 all my fans... Tomorro, i could be more textual & facetious; plus i might speak less good. 

  chekme but don't elekme...


z7snowflake said...

cute baby pics and nice artsy pics, keep up the good work.

grandmumsy08 said...

Can't believe you didn't include photo of Billy Forbes! What synecdoche lurks behind what poetical pilferings? I am corn-fused.

hrmore1956 said...

My favorites -- after 1 and 2, of course -- are 3, 9, and 15. I feel invigorated by the Mac's artwork.

floralilia said...

sorry, i checked and i eleck'd you. great art slac..

karynetaylor said...

ahhh, how nice to see "Opera Bolstered" still getting air time ... you did do a wonderful job on that.

I love your art. I'm a woman of few words at the moment. Might be my last few entries trying to bump the 25,000 character limit that's got me so exhausted.

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Thanks gang~~notify my Art perfessers that i was a good student.
[i withdrew early & flailing] And still i draw?!?!
Yes, mumsy, i was once struck by a cross=town synecdoche---
it is the source of my Amnesia. billy forbes is camera=shy.
Chekted & Elekted by Flo~~high praise indeed. And especial
courage 4 the betaGlowers...that's a big Meat=Ball!

karynetaylor said...

flailing art? seems to me like an inspiration for a whole new drawing ...

how about a tribute to wonderful beta, meatballs and all. No tuna.

~ Karyn


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