Sunday, March 14, 2004

Thanx karyn...

TITLE: a cool March Sunday


I so hate those terrorists who

cut short Hans' trip to Madrid.

There is no honour in them.


I missed one letter in the happens, sometimes.

It was a bit too cold to watch

the St. Pat's Day Parade. And

i don't have my brisket, yet.

But the shunky is clean. Hane

is watching all the basketball.

My 'putre is slow--probly cos

it's full of schtuff. But i have

taken a chill pill regarding my

last disconnected entry. Dancer

was good enough to IMP me

yesterday and smoothed my

hackles. I also wish to thank

the other Glowers who took the

time to tell me to refocus my

energy where it belongs--toward

creative endeavours. Altho' to

tell the truth, it did feel good to

Rant for a brief time. I come by

my short temper honestly; just

ask my siblings. [when they aren't

hopping mad about crud]


Meanwhile, my students are

already doing their exercises in

HTWLSBM {howtowritelikeslacbac

mac}. You are all pulling a B+

thus=far...but be careful: the

prospectus & lesson plan is

coming soon. [i feel like John

Houseman from the Paper Chase]


But for today, that is all. Dr. Slac


merelyp said...

What a tidy entry! I really think you should endeavor to color coordinate (oooh, sorry, color=co=ordinate) the font with the Personalized Flowers sent to Ayn, though. (I got no personalized flowers. what gives?) Whussa matter, afraid of hot pink or turquoise? I am a little disappointed you revised yesterday's snit, must say. But i am glad that living the Miller High Life helped.

slacbacmac said...

Babe, you are gonna be one especial
Student adviser 4 sure--with haikus no less.
Endeavoure [french verb] to send me your
Colour [English adjectif] prospectus 2 my
pardicular [intentional misspell] Advisement.
We are sympatico & strict.

karynetaylor said...

we'll always read your rants, and they are good ones! I like this new color, and coordinating is for wimps! Don't worry about flowers that don't match. Worry more about taking from the honor of having posted flowers for Ayn by titling submission with me=gratitude! So humble, I suggest you include #4000 in HEADING, too. & FURST. I was #4002.

~ Karyn

hrmore1956 said...

Dr. Slac: It's spring=break. We are taking notes not. We are sittin' on fences filosofising about crocuses looking like sno=cones when it snoweths.

musenla said...

I would offer you some brisket that I prepared in honor of St. Paddy, but alas it's now all gone.

Spain's 11-M, what a tragedy, I shed a few tears. Horrible.

I loved the Paper Chase! Though I'm sure you are more humane than John Houseman in the show. He gave me the willies.

aynetal3 said...

I beg ye of forgiveness for so late being in appreciates of this wonder=ful gift of your aware=ness. I have tut=suite reconcilled our accounting for this amiss. The color=ful flower proudly dis=plays it=self from our office of garden view amonst the tulips blossoming in day=breaking sun=lit morning. Much appeal you give to me. Thank you Slac! Our love, Ayn and all


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