Monday, March 1, 2004


Title:  That Ice Melted...

Seems like five days since i dated up the Glow.  Not that i'm all that busy---just lazy.  OR maybe i suffer the brain=freeze.  But there is plenty of news, and plenty of pictures [some of which i might eventual include^].  Cat's dad is holding his own at the nearby Rehab hostel--it's so close i could walk over to visit.  And i shall, anyday now.

Cousin Kevin, i hear, is on a deployment to the sand=box.  Those Marines are going everywhere these days and God Bless them!  The werld would be a very less safe place without my cousin [and my alia].  I praise them & pray for them because they are the source of my modicum of freedom.

Niece Annie is coming North for a bridal shower this weekend and we look forward to that.  All the crasy members of the fambly want to meet the fiance.  I'm sure Matt is a perfectly normal gentleman...we can correct that in short order.  I laff, i kid~the fambly will pretend to be normal throughout the visit.  And then?

OH Yeah!  Happy Birfday to all the Leap=day babies!  You're only as young as the incongruous calendar; and feel free 2 send me comments about your predicament.  Sometimes i get turkey for my  celebration...hmmm.

I would speak upon the Oscars but i was catching up on ENTERPRISE and some of that Star Wars movie [episode one].  Don't get me wrong~~i love the Billy Crystal.  I just can't remember the last time i sat thru the World Series of Award shows.  Maybe next year.

Now if only i could load those pictures...      slacadaisical


z7snowflake said...

lol, more pic please, we need pics, lol

slacbacmac said...

Sorry, snowflake~~the Kodiak is especial
balky to=day. I cain't load my fave pix 4 love
OR money. The text will haf 2 do 4 now.

merelyp said...

I've missed you! yeah, tell me about AOL--balky as heck all weekend long for me. I think i was disconnected 42 times. Thanks for sweet nothings in grandmumsy's ear, by the way. the revised pout is much more on topic and less romantic, but not especially more worthy.

kornchildrc12 said...

Uncle Billy:
My birthday is in a week!!!!

slacbacmac said...

Yeah~~i took a break so ev'ybody could
catch up on older entries [and scratch they
heads.] Oh, and so i could lurk @ Mumsy's.
My birthday is only 8 months away.


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