Friday, April 2, 2004

Getting Along

About me?  Anothre portrait^?

Yes, the clubhaus is air=conditioned and only the grandest Glowers drop in.

Toni is in a 'regular' room now and her husband is hanging tough.  John [Cat's bro] said today that he won't be participating in any Olympic sports.  That is, Todd still needs a lot of heavenly intervention to continue fighting and healing.  So~~the news is pretty good all=to.

Getting along...meanwhile, the green=ghost needs a tune-up and the black as hell Dell is being balky its own self. {I just had to save this entry due to an Awol Reconnection peccadillo}  I have so got to change that one fone # that has been stroking my page.  But i am getting fast on the "save before re=connect" mouseclick.  Fast, fast like a newby bunny~~and consider the clutteriness of my werk space...oh, right! Most of you already have.  So---after i get the car & the pooter werking just so, i will definitely meditate on ridding myself of opportunistic Amnesia.

toddle i must 2 chek glows, mend bridges, tip=tap the Web wonderland...keep the candles lit 4 Todd & Toni

grey und drixxly Slackster


karynetaylor said...

Happy Friday! I just had to drop by and check on you and am glad to see the patients are healing, hope their spirits are up there, too. WE get these little reminders not to take anything for granted.

Now tell me what good I am supposed to feel sitting here answering questions as my husband tries to do our taxes. I got married so I would never have to do taxes again! ARRRGGGGGGhhhhHHHH!

~ Karyn

wildflower121764 said...

Hey Slack, it's nice to hear Todd and Toni are doing better. Nice self-portrait! What a good lookin' guy! :)

merelyp said...

I'm on strike until you answer my zen-like question, posed March 31st here:

but the candles are lit. they're here amid my desk clutter. smooch.

musenla said...

Here's another lit candle to Toni and Todd's continued recovery. It's maybe a long road, but it starts one step at a time.

floralilia said...

candles lit...of gourse..

hope the green ghost and the black as hell dell are working smooth=like soonest..

kornchildrc12 said...

Many thanks for the prayers and candles :)

slacbacmac said...

My Appreciata as well...
werking hard, hanging loose
Will post tomorro after the
GREEN ACRES marathon...

louf48 said...

Too much hair in that self=portrait!

merelyp said...

No longer on strike. I have saved your portrait in one of my zillion pictures folders---possibly for ransom later, I'm not sure. Thank you for visiting Zen #3 et al. Now that my fog is lifting, the InfernalMachine is getting selective amnesia itself.
but i had a really, really glow-y day. and hope you and yours do too. ~~dancer


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