Sunday, March 7, 2004



The Sunday routine...wake up & make mocha, eat glazed donut, salsa grits~~more grits with two fried eggs, second mocha...mmm.  Watch spongebob, complete puzzle entirely correct.  More video [up 2 myth=busters]...hane rises.  Piddle around, 3rd moka, second glazed fastnacht.  Shave face lazily.

Fone rings, Hane answers~~it's no less than Kay und Harry from Germany!  They have snow over there [and we don't]. Minor miracles that Hane uses the fone deftly {not deafly} & Kay's fone=battery lasts during the entire conversation.

Drive the green=ghost 2 the bank, grox store [cigs], chicken=lounge [beer] and home.  Good car!  Go line=on, visit sponge=monkey site, read last entry comments...Wow! i've got right up to this point and not made a single joke!  Perhaps watching the Simpsons & Arrested Development will cure the ennui de Sunday [i forget the French 4 Sunday].  And we will get snow again soon enuf.  Over=nite...

Happy Happy Rocky~~the party is just beginning!  lata


slacbacmac said...

Nota bene: this is the most complete
Sunday entry any=one will ever read--it's not
likely i would summon the same energy
Next week! ~~Author

floralilia said...

and to think i had to read this on a monday.....sigh..


karynetaylor said...

Your diet needs something. Not sure what. Culture? Definitely not tuna. But what's the deal with the grits. YUK, to use the first intelligent word that springs to mind. I equate grits to drywall mud. The Yankee in me resists profusely. Nor can I find nutritional value to make them worthwhile. Drowned in salsa, perhaps, but why??

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Flo: you don't fool me~~i know you're a time=traveller!
And watch the language, cherie...[i forgive this time]
Karyn: OH! Bountiful beta=bester, when did you have
TIME to visit?? I have acquired the taste 4 grits, sidewise.
Salsa 4 sure & Mozzarella cheese. Reheat @ risk, y'all


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