Tuesday, March 2, 2004


Title:  A walk in spring

OK~~so it took awhile 2 load these especial fotoes.  So many pages & so many steps!  Twas ever thus, recently.  Complication is my stock in trade.  And it doesn't help that i some=times forget what the heck i'm doing!

Anyway, i did make it over to the nursing=home 2 visit Cat's dad [and his patient bride].  The place was just as busy as i remember it, when my own Pop was there.  Imagine 15 variously challenged patients & an equal numbre of extremely busy nurse/caretakers.  It's a wonderment that anybody sleeps @ all in such a hotel.  I fully empathise with my brother's dad=in=law~~there has to be some timeful frustration all=round.  Nevertheless, he's holding his own with a castset foot; some of his roommates are werse off. God bless that entire staff.

ON THE GOOD NEWS: Rocky has got her Licence to drife @ last!  Now, we just haf to win her a Cadillac 2 drife around in.  [Blade is next & best for passing such a test...]  Me?  i prefer 2 walk on such b'ful days, here & there.  And visiting hospitals is no longer strange to me.  Blessings on me and mine, all included, becos it's been a somewhat rough year.  Better days & spring=like weathre are more than welcome...  chekyalata

        the slack~pictorian


slacbacmac said...

Not Shakes=speare yet...There were jokes
in here as well, but it's mostly sub=text.
The filosofy, mean=while, is self-apparent.
ROCKY can drive My car Anytime!
[with insanely amnesiac lafter...] Sempre Fidelis

merelyp said...

Absolutely right: Every jarhead needs a hug. minimum. as do filosofers. I was happy to see Lou and wyatt again, too. Love that "reflection"!

kornchildrc12 said...

Uncle Billy:
#3800 - I WIN!!!

z7snowflake said...

thanks for sharing pics, hope everything is cool on ur end

hrmore1956 said...

Yea for brave souls like Cousin Kevin! I appreciate his sacrifice.
By the way Uncle Billy, for those of us who are new and not familiar with the fambly, would you include pictures of yourself, your wife, kids, your brother, his wife, kids, his dad-in-law, the other patients, the nurses, and that kid who fell in the lake? Thanks.

floralilia said...

yo slac...i left, i came home to spring - how wonderful is that...pretty damn wonderful if you ask me. did you have something to do with that?

love the cammo bedspread, didn't know they even made such animals...as always, send official thanks to all going over to the sandbox...they are in my prayers daily...

slacbacmac said...

OH Heck!~~especial hugs 4 Evybody [Rocky3800, merely]...
For somebody with neither digicam NOR scanner, i process
as many pix as i cans, Hans. Holding very little back...
Yes, flo, I do have certain weather=related powers;
TELL NO=ONE! ~Author


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