Saturday, March 6, 2004

I AM 3900!!

Title:  Meeting the Matriarch

Today was Anne's bridal showre on the mountain.  It's probably still going on.  Party, party!  Never=the=less, Anne & Matt were good enough to drop by to meet Hane and her crasy avuncular care=taker.  It's not like they haven't spent enough time on the Road.

Irregardless, the young man who has captured Anne's heart is quite the admirable gentleman as i predicted.  They make a nice pair--and we were glad they took time out to stop at our hovel.  And a good thing i remembered to dump the Shunky!

And then, the sun came out~~and i spent some time on the penta=glows.  I recommend all of them.

OH, Yeah!  If you want the up=skinny on those quizno=hamsters, visit the Muse & read deep.  Mean=while, on the mountain, Matt has a handful of meeting the rest of his intended fambly.  But, hey, if he loves Annie~~that's 3/4ths of the adventure.  And we will get Hane 2 that wedding in May---strappt 2 a car with Oxygen if necessary.  And for now, i can only think of glazed donuts and the Sunday Puzzle...smooches to all~~proud uncle slack


kornchildrc12 said...

Uncle Billy:
Hey, i'm back from the shower. Wyatt stole the show and everybody's attention - lol. i heard you were accusing grandma of being a drunk today :p

z7snowflake said...

always a fun read, keep it up

slacbacmac said...

Yes, snow=flake, i'm all in the fun.
Thanks, Rocky [happy happy]~~Hane misheard
me as usual...i said we would take her North
"in the trunk", NOT "in a drunk". Altho~~hmm
Root Beer/Nuclear

floralilia said...

all hail the matriarch..

congratulations tu-tu the happy couple.

mmm..partays and glazed doughnuts....mmmm


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