Monday, March 8, 2004



I've been reading my old old entries and decided arbitrarily that all my especial visitors might chime in on...what is the direction of this glow, alltogethre.

It's a filosofical question, basically.  What is read in & what is read out?  Did i mention that it's an open forum?

That is: all filosfies & languages will be accepted & considered...Art, poetry, pictures, music & whatever.  And feel free to post in all formats. [e=mail, links, comments]

For myself, i shall attempt 2 date=up my fambly history/outline & perhaps write a brief treatise on "How to write like Slacbacmac" [and that will take more than a fortnight].  Hey, it's not homework, it's a gauntlet.  Feel free to read the entire record...

Smooches & regards 2 all takers;

my morning coffee will taste especially bittersweet, allto.   begin     


floralilia said...

you sly debil, you....

you noticed.

monsieur iz all good, mon cher...all good.

cyberdancer1008 said...

You lazy--you decide what this journal is--we read it because we can't believe such a filosopher exists who is not world-famous. that, plus, we wonder how you will crucify the spellings of words. I have read deep. You know that. The direction of this glow is northeast. I have spoke.

karynetaylor said...

I am challenged to figure you out. Learn how to write like you, speak your language, too. The painting? I tried. I might try again.

Still gathering all the characters and their stories and keeping up with daily events and finding out more about you, in whatever form you choose to present it.

And, I think I have a crush on you.

~ Karyn

floralilia said...

hey! - i had the crush on him first!! back off little lady...or else ah vill flog you vith mah whords...

merelyp said...

but I win this catfight, surely.
I know, I know. Don't call you shirley.

hrmore1956 said...

Hans <--- can't wait to learn how to write like slacbacmac.


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