Thursday, March 11, 2004


Title: the Slacbac Invitational...

   The forum, she is still open.  Some of my lurkers haven't rung in---Oh well.

   Meanwhile, i have to send out especial courage to the have got it all over me with the schtuff.  The simple slack is behind you all the way.  Twas ever Thus.

Mean=while it is forgiveness i beg from the Dancer whose birthday has just passt~~but everyone should visit her Interactif haiku site, it's the big Sheet 4 sure. And it's easy to become a Poet there.  Just remember 2 count your syllables~mumsy is a harsh poetical mistress.  I kid, she's a recently day=birfed sweety.

Hane is all about the Pumpkin=pie & also asking,"When are you getting the corned beef and cabbage?"  It happens around this time in Irish famblies.  I can barely keep the Matriarch in bananas & tomato juice [and Oxygen].  And now i haf 2 buy potatoes no less.  It trubbles my less than invalid filosofy at long & at last~~where was i?

Slack does not beg the question---it grates his Nerve.

For=there^, visit only my best journalers especial and i might go meatless tomorro, only for Sake=Appearance...

   Forum-open, invitationally, slack the Glow~Macster


slacbacmac said...

Foxtrot the spellcheck~
Shouldn't there be a SYNTAX & SEMANTIC check
of such an abof entry? It pondres me
[Read Deep, Amnesia might subside] ~~Author

aynetal3 said...


hrmore1956 said...

What forum? Did I misunderstand something? Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!

floralilia said...

i am officially back.

haikulike said...

awwww, tanks, Glow-Macster. I can just about taste the corned beef and cabbage. Oh, yummmmm. Perhaps there is a poem in it. Send pictures! (I used to always take photos of my really good meals--but now I don't cook. I should take pics of hubbyJoe's cuz they are too tasty for words.)

karynetaylor said...

I can't say I'm going meatless, I converted from Catholocism to Methodistism, the old traditions are fading memories. But I AM trying to atone for large splurge=mexican last night and will try to stay beneath 600 calories 2-day. Stupid thing to do, says my husband. Necessary, says me.

slacbacmac said...

The forum, she is inter=actif.
the food is---food
Congratz 2 ayn 4k
Karyn is Methodicalist?? hmmm


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