Friday, March 19, 2004


TITLE: Melting, Melting


Speaking of Star Trek, and who was...

the late Brian Keith was on a episode

of DS9 today. [And Vito Scotti was on

yet another Columbo] SO~~i'm giving

belated epigrams to Paul Winfield,

Mercedes McCambridge, JJ Jackson

et alia. For the record, dying sux!


No, Dancer, Commander Data did not

confer with me about the cat=pote on

STNG. And yes, Roc, i remember well

the kittens--altho my all=time favourite

episode is when Data builds a dafter.

It always brings me to tears when Lal



The trick to boiling a brisket [or many

other things] is not to Boil it at all,

but to put it on such a strong simmer

that the flavour infuses the pot, water

& cover. That's right---keep the cover

on and slow cook everything. Of gourse

this doesn't apply 2 rice, pasta, etc.


Naturally, flo, my time=machine has a

weather rheostat [unconnected to the

temporal field aggrandisers]...tell no

one! I must have fixt it pretty good

becos that last schnowstorm fixxled

out early this morning. But i haven't

put away my SHOVEL. Mean=while,

remember: there are no such things

as Time=Machines. *wink*


Hey, if it weren't the Future, we

might not want to live there...

the quantum~slack


floralilia said...

what! no such things as time machines....surely you jest, slacmasterweatherblaster. I only came back to have a look round for me own eyes...

floralilia said...

ps. thank you for the nice sunny day today - the snow is melting rapidly....but can you do something about all this GLARE? squinting...thanks.

hrmore1956 said...

Hans <--- has never seen one single episode of Star Trek, nor has he seen The Wizard of Oz. They just never appealed to him. Does love Arnold the Pig, though.

merelyp said...

NEVER put the shovel away. I bring mine with me every time I read and/or write various journals, for there is more than snow, one knows. Love your title. Most appropriate. when does the green shirt pic reappear?

slacbacmac said...

Yes, Oh Queen---the anagrams 4 GLARE are
REGAL, LAGER...possibly othres, but snow or Sun~
take your pick. <---slac 2 hans, NEVER 1 episode
of the Trek? Yet, i am not surprised you love the
Green Acres, especial ABSURDIST
should haf its own CHANNEL. Mumsy: we don't need
a shovel 2 DIG you, babe. haiku/gesundheit mes amis

musenla said...

I'm like Hans over there, I've never seen a complete episode of Star Trek, or at least none that I can remember. My bf D. thinks it's sacrilegious.

ckays1967 said...

Wink....I just knew you'd KNOW all about that secret time machine this whole crowd knows too. LOL

karynetaylor said...

sorry I didn't get my comment in earlier. I was a huge fan of the original Star Trek, and have never watched anything butthe original. I would admit to a little crush on Spock but it would a) date me and b) discredit me.

~ Karyn


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