Friday, March 26, 2004




The name "slacbacmac" was created:

a) At birth

b) In skool

c) In the bingo days

d) on=line

e) by Accident


True or false:

The green=ghost is a person.

Slac wears glasses.

George Plimpton is dead.

Maisie is a grand-mother.


Essay (ten werds or less)

I want to write like slac becos...


Extra credit:

Compose a four line poem about

"Glowing" in 1 of the folloing

languages: American English,

British English, French, Italian,

Spanish, Yiddish OR slackspeak

AND submit by e=mail<


Students will be graded on an

extreme curve~~ Dancer is the

student advisor. begin


wildflower121764 said...

Very slick, Slac! :)

haikulike said...

T or F ?
Dancer dropped out of class when she couldn't be #1, but has many extreme curves. I will get a C+ on this quiz...only becos I will do the extra credit. You just want e-mail, you ku=uk.

haikulike said...

P.S. Why are you feeling like ornamentally hanging around {someone's neck}? Not pedantic? or are you hanging loose? Hanging by a hang=nail? Pendant, really? Did you know that it is a synonym for companion piece? Holy schlac!

slacbacmac said...

Which is why you are the ADVISER~~i forgot how
to spell pedantic. Pendant is good enuf 4 me...
professorial was too long & teacherly, too, well
ADVERBIAL. yet, observe the test

rrveh1 said...

Could this be a conttray convollute of conffluted interests=if Dancer has made advisatory on other Mazzedazz=Bloglogg?

karynetaylor said...

Dear Professor Back Mac,

Please excuse my charge, Karyn Taylor, from all assignments for the dates of Mar 22 thru 27 as she is undergoing surgery to have a certain condition (betasucksolepsy) corrected and the doctors have ordered lots bed rest and minimal stress.

Thank you for your time and understanding, Slac.

kornchildrc12 said...

I know all the answers!!

karynetaylor said...


aynetal3 said...

Beg out and accepting of C-dom for displace=ment of our inexperty in these yet matters known=less.
Becos Slac shows fear=less ov ever more to self true-er-er.
Glowing by Lissa Et Al

Listening to her glistening present ever charm
Telling me of secrets dew as per blade
growing present ever aware mysteriously
Likening me to up=holding faith.

ckays1967 said...

bEgin with a b...move past to false=right...

I want to write like slac becos...

brains luvvs wort gaymmes becom free=agin in sajesting Yewth.

too lazy to e-mail...........

Glew past the linez & snuk=pastst
playr finds slacbacmac entwined+entangled
Hi Cow pote wit fliterd skils
saintle in my visins of him.

viviansullinwank said...

Your journal certainly is delightful!
Je me suis bien amuse ici.
Je vais revenir.

hrmore1956 said...

I'm confused since I have all the answers and I don't know if I should post them on here or send the entire thing by email. This is so frustrating! WAAHHH. Please don't deduct points for being late. Need direction.

slacbacmac said...

Merci bien, Viv.
Here is fine Fenceman~it's
only the first week...

rrveh1 said...

Prof=Slac=wizenword=wordwizard==sent answers to Student Advisor=Dancer(=cuz notacowc=ud be found in the quiz=answers).

carolhehe said...

At birth they slapped ole slac on the bac and got mac instead. Slac wears glasses called Shades while sitting at the beach. In English=
I dance to the mac
Falling to the bac
writing is like slac
So I can glow like a mo.

slacbacmac said...

Rose~~especial joining student, your grade
is quite good, fear nothing.
Carol: your poem is excellent in the English!
[but you must clarify, to glow like a mo...]
My answers will appear after the current troubles.

hrmore1956 said...

Olde English Poem:

I's liketh glouwing
Makes me feeleth well
And if thou loves not where this is going
Well, thouest can just go to ...
(darn, sometimes poems are so hard to pick. For instance, here I can't decide whether to write a) ring a bell, or b) the forest and yell. I give up.)

slacbacmac said...

Hans! thou hast redeemed thyself absolutely!
And thanks 4 hanging with me while i have fambly
troubles. As for ending the pote~~it's an olde jest,
"Thou shouldst go 2 Helen Hunt", then finish the
couplet with an off=rhyme... thanx again, B++


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