Friday, March 5, 2004




by billy forbes



let the masses run and hide

the grass is dying---

the lower class has taken us

for a ride


i dreamt of the scene in a dark,

firelit parking lot of decadence

people putting values on things

that make least sense



the cars run over themselves

and die...the reef has trapped

the ship of ignorance

on rocks of knowledged lies




by Astinerzo Rinunzo


Hold me ever so close

Administer (me) the Lethal Dose

pick out for me a daisy or

A Lily one of those


For thou hast slain me

even where I stand

Thou hast banished me

to a surely foreign land


I have been a child in

your arms my friend

With luck and love

a man to prove again

We may have seen inside the Soul

and perhaps even Known the fruitful Fold


And thou hast conquered

like a king from very far

with my Galaxy collided

Thou art but my fatal star


Kiss me once and I shall fall

into the harmony of your every call

Bid me onward to provide your all

Thou hast blinded me of sun

and moon and even candlelight

I am what's left as you can right

We are the stillness of the snowy

sleepy winter's night.


Amazing~~two disparate poets appearing on the same page!  I'll get the hang of this back=wise at last.  I feel like a conduit...or maybe an enabler.  Now if only i could reply to the voices in my forgetful brain.


slacbacmac said...

I anticipate many & much commentary--
and encourage all archivists & poets [pomers]
to join in. My mood was literate...
Mssrs. Forbes & Rinunzo could not be far different
And yet each stands alone, historically~~

haikulike said...

"We are the stillness of the snowy/sleepy winter's night." Oh my. I like that much. And fatal star. (so pass the word on to Astinerzo, wudja?) i used someone else's poetic phrase to make a PICTURE (animation) make sense. How verbal is that. Here's the link to that:


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