Monday, March 15, 2004


Title: The Ides of March


Refunds! We have Refunds!

And it's just enuf cabbeej to see

me thru until i go back to werk.

[i kid~~there's more than enuf

money and i don't have a loose

perse] Now if only i could

remember how to sign my name.

Speaking of cabbeej, the frisky

brisky has been bot along with

red potats & 2 heads of cabbeej.

I'll probly start cooking tomorro

morning. It pondres me tho what

the non=Irish eat on March 17.

I'm sure someone will advise.

There are crocuses coming up

in the yard i just noticed...But we

are not out of the winter yet.

Still, the yard=werk is not at all

far away. Or as Chance Gardener

might say,"There will be growth in

the spring."

And for all the politicians who

appear before the Senate today:

Wear body armour, 'cos some of the

Italian guys still carry stilletoes.

And i don't mean heels. [unless you

count Hillary, of gourse] Relax, it's

a Latin joke. et tu, Slaquus?


karynetaylor said...

You do realize that you have left yourself wide open for another recipe. But I will refrain. You DON'T want to know what my diet consists of these days. No more than you'd like to hear how guzzling over 96 ounces of water between 9 to 6 means more than 6-8 trips to the restroom, daily. as long as they'll put up with it, I think I'll stay. Restroom is less than 25 yards from my desk.

Happy St. DrunkenHead Day.

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

As they say in Ireland, and in cherch:
"I won't hold it against ye."
More=over, i drink much water @ length.
[insert joke here] turaluralura...

musenla said...

Yay for refunds. Since I work for myself I don't get the refund jollies, sigh.

They sitll carry stillettos, really? I would imagine they're collectibles now, no?

P.S. I certainly ate my St. Paddy's ration of cabbage. Enough! =P


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