Thursday, February 26, 2004


Title:  Well, MY Taxes are done.

That's right--my taxes are done.  There are more taxes to do, of gourse, but my simple return is finished.

Any=way, i was walking thru the park system on my way home from the tax girl and as i went by the pond in the old neighborhood, i saw two ten-year-old boys AND a football.  The football was in the middle of the half=iced pond.  So one of the boys decided to walk out on the pond for it.  BAD IDEA!  My heart almost stopped when he got somewhere near the middle of the pond and the ice broke under him.  A person can quickly die under such conditions!  Fortunately, i was not the only witness to this [the pond is near an elementary school.]  Before very long there were 5 or six adults on the bank, using their cell=fones as the boy valiantly struggled to reach thicker ice. The next ten minutes passed like an hour.  Eventually, the boy got a leg up and crawled back to the bank...frantically unaware of the seriousness of his adventure.  A teenager was offering him a dry shirt just as the police wagon arrived.  The Fire=truck was NOT far behind.  I suspect that boy [and his friend] will never walk on another icy pond, football or no football.  Then i walked home.  Needless to say, i did not sleep well last night.  That boy is lucky to be alive~~it could very well have ended very badly!  So, everybody: If you ever lose anything to a half=frozen pond, GO HOME and wait for spring.  And if you ever see this happen, use your cell=fone immediately to call 911...and then think about making a horizontal ladder to the flailing victim, with full weight dispersal upon only the thickest ice.  I wasn't a boy scout, but i've read a few stories.  Suddenly, tax refunds and tuna fish don't seem all that important.  STAY OFF THE ICE!


z7snowflake said...

thats scary

hrmore1956 said...

Whew, what a sad story that could have been. I'm from way down south, but I've had friends from up north tell me horror stories about kids going through the ice and people getting buried by snow in their cars.

musenla said...

Hiya slac, thought I'd drop by and say hello. I was thinking this would be an entry about taxes (ho hum, lol) but lo and behold, a scary incident awaits! That was one close call, I sure hope those boys learned their lesson!

karynetaylor said...

Brrrrr-rrrr-rrrr. How is it you can make me glad to have my tax returns waiting at home? Do you know I got married mainly so SOMEONE ELSE can deal with the taxes? I am looking forward to 20+ years of wedded, tax-doing-free bliss.

Tunafully yours,
Fat Free Mayo Only

~ Karyn

merelyp said...

Full bodied, calorie-ridden mayo, only. Ever. skating on thin ice, methinks.

slacbacmac said...

I think we're running 3 to 1 against substitutions
of real mayo & about 100% against walking
across posted icy ponds. ~Author


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