Thursday, April 29, 2004


OK~~one "spacey" pote

comin' up. It was written

by Astinerzo Rinunzo on

the occasion of Galileo

Galilei's pardon.


Rings of Consideration

*by Astinerzo Rinunzo


He saw the other solars

and suffered

discovered moons we skim

and lost his church

rings he tried to count

on his fingers

we see clearly on the box

and global father of eminence

lives to see Galileo


as neatly as Copernicus

and Newton and Einstein;

Leonardo and Luther

had rarely known

such troubles

and fundamentals today

threaten to crush

the atom of ambivalence

into particles of

extinct environment...


Napoleon and Caesar

never knew

a battle so complete

yet unconventional

we know other lives

and richer planets

so we escape.


[strikes me funny how

the space=poets hold up

over time] Y'all can feel

free to comment on said

pote, rewrite it in slacspelia

OR submit your own

space=poem. But it's

not really an assignment.

{Unless of gourse, all the

Friday pages are filled with


>former space=cadet &

currently Captain Wide


karynetaylor said...

what shade of lipstick is that you're wearing the the Self Portrait? I think it looks great on you. Also, is that purple eyeshadow? Is that making a comeback? I am soooo makeupably challenged

deabvt said...

Good Lookin` guy, Slac!

floralilia said...

okay captain wide pants -

it's time to do the 23rd post - 5 line challenge...

not a clue?  read two scoops, or merely, or mine...

im still thinking on the space mind is slacanecephalic tonight, but i do love the

aynetal3 said...

This one causes an abode=ment fear.  The atom of ambivalence to be exchanged for wisdom of thou wise=liness or others.


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