Saturday, May 1, 2004


Title: Ahh, Spring!


Am i not Averse & contrary?


First~~my shouts go out to

all the Especial spring=Glowers!

Birds & Bugs & Flowres how i

wish i had a digi-cam! They

shame my brief and funky

paintings. Plus, they seem to

love the Nature more than me.


And then there's my reticence

to join all the Assignments

going on. It's not that i don't

have Offerings to contribute but

most of you know how lazy i can

be. {This includes not doing the

haiku, every=day} Sometimes i

get stuck inside my paltry Mind...

more=over i remember the Groucho

rule of Abstaining to join any club

to which you have been specially

invited. Reticence, like back=pay

can be a bollox...


SO~~you say, Where's my Captain

Wide? He still patrols these parapets

of Virtue & Action. {Twas ever thus.}

And therefor, if you all still hang,

I will offer a long joke of my own

Devising AND a spacy-pote from my

friend, billy forbes:


The joke: There was this country boy

who had a wife & two children, one of

each sex. So the time came when the

Father sent his son to college to study

Meteorology. Now, long about the time

when the son would graduate, the proud

Father got this letter,"Dear Folks, Your

little boy is about to Gradjeate this fine

Universty with a degree in Meteorology...

What puzzles me is that in all this time

I have learnt about isobars & stormfronts

But we have never ever studied a single

Meteor. Love, Junior" The proud Father

wrote back,"That's alright, son...I've ben

a Engineer for 15 years and I have never

had to listen to a single complaint from a

Native Americain." Time passes and the

daughter goes to get a degree in

Cosmetology. After two years of study the

girl writes her parents,"Momma, Poppa,

I have been at this skool for a long time and

altho' I have learnt a lot about facials and

manicures and haircutting, We have never

ever even looked at a single Comet. I hope

I am not a disappointment to my family."

The proud Father had some trouble replying

to the letter from his daughter, so he handed

it over to his pure & simple Wife. The proud

Momma replied,"That's alright, dear...we

are still proud of you. Still, I have ben a

nurse for ten years in these parts and You,

your daddy & your brother are the only

people who have tasted my Milk."


And, Now~~the space=pote:


by billy forbes 4/13/79


Penlight blasting across the galaxy

radiating the sun to shreds

of atomic fusion molten supernova

sang to the piano, wrote to a volume

lived and partied, made a sacrifice

or many all along the way

hoping and wishing for fame one day

drew under colour, filed metal down

framed and haunted by the greats

tearing fragments of scalp from their place.


He drugged himself to death blowing night wind, he fell upon a crevice that sucked him in

when it gets so much better

he will send you a letter--But until then be kind

speak softly to the Ears without rhythm

hear that voice filled with nonsense

Hold the hand that he trembles so

let him live to love and know...


Your heart is true and steady as a well-steered vessel, make your mark on his days as he grows old

feel the heaviness of the pen he manipulates

pierce the skin beneath well-sharpened skates

alone in the dusking old star he should hate

while you are trying silence to mend the years

to fix his groaning gears for most to hear.

----------------not abridged----------------------

Mercies if you have to read

wide...Comments not so much so>


slacbacmac said...

Holy crud! that fixt the wideness~~
Why am i so accidentally blessed?

z7snowflake said...

Hi ya! Just dropping in to say hi...I keep up with ur journal but I've been kinda sick sso I have'nt been commenting much, hope ur doing well. *hugs*

rrveh1 said...

Gosh dang-this is a coo en-tree'...I like your ART very much-is this Art a self pleasure thing you keep for yourself or are you Professional-"sell your artwork"
For "pic-tures" of Franklin?

wildflower121764 said...

I'm smiling! :) Ahhh Spring! Everyones photos put mine to shame and I have a digi-cam. :)

deabvt said...

Wow!, slac....for me, your best entry... did you write all of the poetry?

karynetaylor said...

OK, I missed you immensely, your immenseness with words, and now I don't anymore. Walking away from computer with that especial smile, and feeling slender, too.

Love ya, in a very cyberly way.

~ Karyn (Married but still has access to a keyboard & monitor, DSL.)

aynetal3 said...

hmm, lady=bug alarm ... may spring flood her draft=fire home guard cuddlings and all lizards leap marily by two-lips edge.  Our lvoe slac!  Lissa et al

slacbacmac said...

And, Now~~the students exceed the Master...
Visitories profound his language.  Art is art
and potery only potery---'twas ever thus.
Appreciata~the Author

musenla said...

The Muse is Assignments challenged as well.  Methinks the Scalzi is popular enough not to need help in that area.

Funny joke.


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