Sunday, April 18, 2004


Title: Wrap to Ruler


Yeah~~it was crasy yesterday...what with overfilling five dumpsters. Don't

these people fish? I wonder where they get all this crud, their houses look so nice all the time. But my job

is to collect it all and help out the

customers who need it. OR~like

yesterday, direct the traffic of all the

vehicles to those overloaded bins.

Yet, you couldn't have asked for a

nicer day to slather on the sunscreen

and spend time outside.


The big excitement @ 4:30 yesterday

was a confused and wandering skunk

just over the rise off the yard. Two

customers were kind enough to inform

me of it. [we've had a rash of these crasy, dancing, meandering critters

round these parts.] Well, i directed my cuddies to the township police station, which is on the campus. You

can guess what happened next...

That's right~one of the officers drove over, parked his patrol=car and

dispatched the distemperate stinkcat with his sidearm. Took three shots.

{Does this count as one of those odd

facts master Jay is looking for? "Once

I witnessed a police killing." I might

remember when i post such a fact to

mention that the victim was a possibly

rabid animal.} A true study in black and white with death hanging over...

Have i mentioned recently that i despise mortality, even in the smallest

of creatures? Perhaps it goes without

the saying.


And, in spite of that^, Today again was the bright and beautiful day.

Nice for warshing the green=ghost after a test drive [is there anothre kind?]. Clean and mostly reliable~~

what more could one want in a classic

automobile? [rhetorical]


HEY! Has anybody seen the Brini Maxwell show on E! Fridays at 11:30 AM? I won't spoil it for you but the

premise is retro and hilarious. Tune it

or TIVO it [tape] 'cos it's werth watching more than once.


On the wicked=web front, i still haven't figgered out why my page is

so dingdang wide. It's either that i use the werdpad to post entries OR

the beta=techs Love my site and believe i should be writing this crud on

a widescreen TV! Anyhow, if you have

trouble reading said scrap, read the hit counter & then go directly to "links

to this entry". You will [i think] be able to read the entry in a sensible fashion. {My especial fan=base will

advise} What?! No jokes?


Carpe Diem! Toni & Todd are coming along, but who wants to spend that much time in Hospital? Never mind,

I appreciate all the genuine concern and i have a lot of optimism regarding their on=going recovery.

***toddle i must, to chek who's

bandying my Glow alltogthre...and that's a Smoochy good thing on a sunny day. ***slac


slacbacmac said...

[not fixing:] But how many characters (?)
have i used?  AAAArrrrgggghhhh!

onestrangecat said...

At first I felt sad for the skunks.  Then you mentioned rabies, and I got over it.

merelyp said...

Karyn and I both love skunks.  I'd like to shoot that policeman.  Well, not to kill or anything.  What a dork, though.  Flora probably doesn't like skinks, and therefore, you should throw her over.  

hrmore1956 said...

That copper made me rabid mad. I don't like shootings.

Glad Toni and Todd are doing better. It makes my day brighter to know that (even though it's dark outside).

Thanks for the one-up on the show on Friday. I'll tape it.

And, one more thing: to make fonts and screens smaller, people can press the control button and move the little wheel on the mouse and, presto, smaller this way, and larger that way.

Have a good Monday! Sheesh, I'm still mad at the copper.

merelyp said...

skinks?  Skinks are drunken lizards.  And Flo probably does like them.
Throw her over anyway, and I will give you the tiara I earned.
~~the dancer

Oh, and hi, Fence!  thanks for that cool control tip I knew not about.
wow, smart,too.  

slacbacmac said...

There you go, gang...
This the Revolution
where all can Hang
[skinks/skunks~~a point=fine]

floralilia said...

mumsy - there will be no flora tossing while i still breath...and i want the tiara back.

skinks are well, skanky. but skunks are cool. 'cept when they wander too close to my back door and emit their smelly skanky noctunal vapors.

it was a most beautious day here in the greater northeast. a fabulous day for green ghost warshing, indeed.  

and slac - so here i am..sliding the bar to the right to the left to the right to the left, scrolling down, to the right to the left to the right to the left..scroll the right to the left..wait..what's this....

"Anyhow, if you have trouble reading said scrap, read the hit counter & then go directly to "links
to this entry". You will [i think] be able to read the entry in a sensible fashion."

do you think you could have included that at the BEGINNING...sheeze.

floralilia said...

and for the record...brini maxwell, creeps even the queen it a he or a she..or a shim?  i really have a hard time telling with this chick-dude-ette.  but it is fascinating, none=the=less.  (in a creepy sort of way)

mebbe i am just jealous of her fashion forwardness....

slacbacmac said...

after seeing 2 shows~~i believe wholeheartedly
that brini is a man.  But he is damnable funny.

musenla said...

Did he really have to shoot the poor thing?  Can't animal control take care of it?  The skunk was just being its skunky self...

Glad to hear Toni and Todd are coming along.   Will continue sending speedy recovery thoughts their way.


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