Tuesday, April 20, 2004




Skunk i thunk,

skink i think, a

Scot has thots

of grox he bot.


Links i lack, 'cos

i Slack Back...

Shunky! shoo!

it's not haiku.


My page is large,

i need a Barge!


I baffle many

with my speech;

And Glow as much

as i can teach...


Dunk the shunk and

flink the link---

fox the grox...

A skunk will stink!


[pondre, wondre,

toddle 'round;

fancy Glowers

do abound.]


Bump my hump

green=ghosty honk,

chek my drek

and call it 'Skonk'.


a pote in slacspelia with apologies to the

estate of Theodor




haikulike said...

He would be proud.  as am I.


slacbacmac said...

All=right~~Apparently i am being
Edited without my Consent.
Yet, the pote & the pic held forth.
[i would NEVER choose Arial 10]
Enjoy & Advise...

slacbacmac said...

[thanx Dancer] I am such the simple Author,
but it drives me crasy that i can't shrink the page
and control it correctly...

wildflower121764 said...

Another cool painting!  And I love the poetry, as well!  Wow!

wildflower121764 said...

I started a second journal.  You're invited for a visit. :)

deabvt said...


slacbacmac said...

[Note 4 Deep Readers:]
This is the place where Minds are Bent
and souls are Invigorated~~plus i some=times
post the printable Art.  Ask any=body.
Now, if only i could remember why one would
Blaze such a trail...

floralilia said...

slac. you are the skonky king!  the queen LOVES this.

carolhehe said...

Bump my hump

green=ghosty honk,

chek my drek

and call it 'Skonk'.

To call it Skonk is to call it's hump what time of day to take a dump. To take a dump means to wash  in the water of ole man gump. So sing a song about ole flake skunk who went to check it's stink against the stump.

hrmore1956 said...

The skunk pic has a nice breezy feel to it.

The skunk runneths on the beach
It's summer time then
The skunk runneths out of reach

Ooh, if this is haiku, then I'm ready to dash over to Mumsy's and give it a try.

musenla said...

Gotta try this haiku thing, y'all seem to be having fun with it.


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