Thursday, April 22, 2004


Title: Mr. Big=Page

Thursday, 22 April, 2004 15:47:23

Slakbakspock log



Rocky informs me that

Toni is in fysical re=hab & Todd is still

under especial observation. May G

guard them all=to...


My previous pote & pic,

"SKONK" is enjoying some popularity as a brief respite from all the grand haiku we

do. [rhyme<] And that's a good thing in

the sense that Dancer

prompts me to focus

on the pithy, pointed

poeticals...Mutual admiration, there.

Florid Flo, mean=while is in the vanguard of upsettedness about the

Muse being bumpt from

Penta=Glows---i put my efficacious power behind them like the staunch stallionesque stanchion which I am.

{No vague or veiled Vulgarity there^}

Would that i could write as well as they!


[this composing flush left is playing havoc with my concentraxn!]

Werk is great...very busy with all the yard

schtuff---and yesterday

i got paid extra, maybe

to attend a substance abuse seminar with a former Heroin addict.

MAN! The things these kids won't cook up these days 2 get blasted?!?! Scared the

sheets out of little old me.


But, Alas, i am the original Mr. Natural in this new Epoch.

Just waking up and having a nice chocolate

coffee is enuf 4 me.

Who exactly was it who

said,"Life is Strife"?

Never=mind, it's the Earthday and i have recycling to accomplish


as ever, slak=the=natch...


deabvt said...

Happy Earth Day, Slac [graphgood]

slacbacmac said...

Thanx Vince~~and yet Apologia
to glow is still too wide.
{Advise} Especial

floralilia said...

you know, with sir slacstallionesque the big=page and the mighty, sir vincent - the queen has the best, most noble knights in all the realm.  The werld is a better place because of ewe two.  

wildflower121764 said...

I like chocolate and coffee but not chocolate coffee.  There's not much difference is there?  V=Odd :)

carolhehe said...

Obviously you don't come and visit my journal. Go fo it my may sink into it Http://

karynetaylor said...

Hey Captain WIDE.
Apparent it is that
you don't even miss me.
Not thinking very much of you,
either, all the way from the
sunny orange-y sunny land.
Too bad bad grammar follows us
everywhere and no matter where we go
and AOL is truly a large conglomerate
conspiracy of righteous assholes.
Wide and censoring, they be.

~ Karyn

merelyp said...

you draw good.

hrmore1956 said...

"Scared the sheets out of little old me" <--- veiled cussing! I'm telling!

Glad to know Toni is doing well. Hopefully Todd will catch up to her soon.


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