Thursday, April 15, 2004


Title: Here Comes the Sun=King


What a gorgeous day to walk around

the town gathering money, nitro &

ice cream. Still too breezy, but the sun

He is shining like a mofo. Ahhh...

Toni is now in a semi-private room

which means she has a roommate...

God bless that girl. Todd is still having

the periodic surgery, which can't be fun

for him. If you are one of those people

who lit candles, put 'em out before you

burn the haus! Just keep contemplating

the good wishes all=to.


Speaking of Posers & inadvertent Avatars:

There's this joke about the French Revoluxn

where a guy was standing out=side a

sidewalk café when a large, angry Mob ran

by with pitchforks and torches...chasing down

Aristocrats, no doubt. Anyway, a few moments

passed and a fresh=faced boy stumbled by

with a handful of pamphlets. The man at the

café stoppt the youngster and asked,"Jeune fille!

Why are you following that Insane mob?"

To which the young man replied,"I have to---

I'm their leader!"


Meanstwhile, in AWOL Glow jernalwerld,

Kay IMPed me last night in a panic about not

being able to get into her Especial beta; she's

got a glitch or a bump that is hard to overcome.

OR, maybe she crossed up the Beast in some

egregious fashion & the Powre decided to

shun her pondres me @ length

but i suspect some of my fans can fix her up

via IMPs or e=mail. I am the "hand=holder"

on this one~~but Whatever It Takes is one of my

favourite places to bounce. Just keep me in

the Advisement loop, kind helpers.

Smooches from the nearly original Impresario

of 'ku & the Gang [We rock the funk, funk the

rock & hang the Tight with Dancer, Flo, Vince &

Hans] chekme but don't elekme~Teach


hrmore1956 said...

Happy to hear about Toni, and sad to hear Todd is still going through the grinder. Prayers going out for them. And, Mack, what happened to the format on your journal. Now I can't see the entire entry unless I scroll across...   : (

merelyp said...

Karyn blessed and kissed my toes because she got IN to her journal, but I couldn't climb in after her.  that's a follow up on the e-mail.  I have met many new friends this week and my rounds are cosmically spiralling, not to mention that the Maebaby is needing a tad mentoring on techno=funk, but certainly not writing. I spend most of my nights blinking back tears lately to read her "werds."  and there ya have it...looped by loopy.  glad you have sun.  we are warming up too. in order to make a more perfect smooch, a parallelogram mouth is in order.  ~~dancer

musenla said...

What is a leader if not carried--or keeping up, as this case may be--with the throng of popular opinion, however whacked? Shaking head here.

I hope Karyn's beta dilemma is resolved by now.

Still wishing the best for Toni and Todd's recovery!

floralilia said...

the candles are still burning - (s'ok - i got it covered slac)...glad to here there is some progress with toni and todd...slow steady good.

the beta format is..not necessarily bettah, eh? perhaps hit the edit journal tab and reconfigure again...and reset the font size?

and journal land just keeps getting bettah and many wonderful glows.. oh, shiek!

floralilia said...

whoa, will you look at
that slac! double spaces show
up in comments now.

(a comment haiku, just for you)

karynetaylor said...

ummm, I don't mean to be mean and I sure know how it can hurt when others just fling words about cruelly, but MAN, you're WIDE.

I mean, really wide!

I know that you know that you're wide. I don't know what to tell you. I would peek at your HTML, but I am a married lady, you know.




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