Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Title: Beware of Posers

Wow! That was a lotta e=mail. Serves

me right for signing up for comment Alerts.

Sometimes, enuf is too much already...

Mean=while, true fans, keep on the look

out for spoofs of myself. [by IMP or e=mail]

There is only one genuine slacbac...and most

of you know that well enuf. It's all about the

style. {Come to think of it, i could probly spoof

myself occasionally...hmm}

Is everybody enjoying the cold, damp misty

b'ful spring weathre? Well, it keeps the pollen

down anyway. I chekt with Agent 007 and he

confirms my suspicion that there is an Evil

Genius conducting meteorological mayhem;

I assured Mr. Bond that i would assist in the

apprehension of this miscreant...as long as i

don't have to snow=ski or swim with piranhas.

We [Hane & me] heard from the many

people on Easter Sunday. Namely, Aunt RM

and the West Coast contingent. Hane's sister

[RM] is a medical professional and likes to

keep tabs on Hane's health, which is pretty good

for a lady of her ilk. Plus they tell each othre the

funny stories when they talk, as long as Hane

can hear the speaker=fone! Later, we had the

long tag=team conversation with Rose & the

Colonel & JJ [their youngest son]. There's a

three hour time=difference (Hi, Muse!) and the

boys were watching a baseball game which the

SandFlea [their eldest boy] was Attending.

Less=the=Never, we-all got caught up on the

latest news of all [some good, some bad]. And

the many prayer promises were made as well.

Still, everyone is looking forward to the big

event~Annie Bananie's Wedding! Soon, soon...

And, being a military fambly allto We had much

to say about the current troubles in the sandbox.

So~~if you're already meditating well for Toni &

Todd, don't forget to support the troops who are

making the best of a bad situation, trying to bring

True Freedom to an ancient & antagonistic

desert. {My own blessings are trying to shower

down on cease=fires & stabilities...}

It's the least i can do for a troubled Werld.

Here we are & There you go. many mercies, slack


slacbacmac said...

i'm doing something wrong in werd=pad...
there shouldn't be so much open space!

rrveh1 said...

Nice entry! Great quote=observation of the War situation! Cool lamb photo...

hrmore1956 said...

Gosh, the classes are getting through. I'm starting to understand MacLingo. Amazing.

karynetaylor said...

True Freedom in the Sandbox, isn't that what we all want? Wish it could happen without so many corpses. With you on the prayers all around.

~ Karyn

haikulike said...

Hans, that's SlacSpeke.  How's the book?  {{OH, hi, BF!}}

go to cyberdancing now.  

~~ the nag/hag/windbag

slacbacmac said...

rrVeh1: that's your picture~and thanx!
Evybody else~~you are too kind...altho i am
an Especial professor.  It's just a thing
[more on the morro including Kay's

aynetal3 said...

Sometimes Slac I feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders and I'm not doing my part to worry enough bout world or "family matters."  I am thus sobered.  Though we dissociate often prayers remain constant.  Our love, Ayn and all

deabvt said...

The name is Bond.....Slac Bond.

wildflower121764 said...

How can I tell when it's a poser of you talking to me?  I really need to know. :)  

musenla said...

Hi back at ya, Slacmybuddy!

Still lighting candles for Toni and Todd, and for our troops stuck in a truly harrowing situation in the Middle East.

floralilia said...

never=fear.  the ode to spring incantation i said, worked.  

glad that your easter was filled with blessings.  the sandbox is always in mine prayers, of course.  many thanks too, to all the brave men and women...trying to untrouble a troubled werld.


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