Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Title: It's a Twister!


What a week! [on Web]

If you can't laff, weep or

rant---try all three.

But also pretend that

you're walking on the

eggshells. Especially

if you're bouncing around

in Commentary. Just a



Be that as it may & what

have you... One of my

girl cousins just had

another baby--on the

distaff side. This is my

congratz for Aunt RM

being the grand=mo of

all grand=mos. Good news

is very welcome @ this

Glow, dontcha know.

[Big baby boy]


Yesterday, it rained and

i hung out in the slacshack

like a paycheck stealer.

Clippt coopons, listened to

the NPR...and formed my

ballot for today's Primary.

[Warning: incomplete sentence]

Today, i ran around like a

chicken in a green=ghost.

Bank, Gasoline, Credit Union...

Yet~the place i vote at is only

half a block away! I was voter

#100. {i shoulda been #900

but some people don't get this

whole Democracy thing}

The judge of election made a

cool comment to the effect

that,"Man, we see this guy every

six months!" There ya go.


Remember the old report

cards, with the comments

about plays well with others?

I could rarely get a passing

grade on that one. I figured

that my friends knew who

they were & the rest of the

bullies and posers could well

enuf go to Hades' blue blazes.

[oops^masking vagary]

OH, Yeah! And my penmanship

was Atrocious. If those nuns

could only see me now...

[they'd retch but most of them

are beyond such things, now]

Just thinking out the loud 'cos

what other kind of thinking is

there? {rhetorical}


chek me but don't elek me...

strapping on my rubber suit

now to put out some fyres>

The webby wizened wizard of

Wide, slac


sasonalmah said...

Slac, your journal is totally whac!  I love it, man!  Interesting thoughts you have there!


deabvt said...

Munch would be Proud!

haikulike said...

wizened wizard of wide, here is your REMINDER!
Memo: SlackBackMack (BF)
date: anyday now
re: space pote.  (special spatial arrangement)

Publish to the wide web werld.

From: the Dancer

haikulike said...

no angst?  merelyPanic?

wildflower121764 said...

Slac, Webby Wizened Wizard, you're just too entertaining!  Congrats to your cousin!  I always celebrate births. :) It's hard for some to deal with such creative people as yourself, especially as children.  The nuns would praise you now!  An avid voter=responsible citizen. :) The hardest thing in the world to do is...to think! (Ralph Waldo Emerson) As always, nice artwork!

karynetaylor said...

I'm in hiding, but here's a wave
Cuz most the time you're my fave.

slacbacmac said...

[all comments> below:]
Twas ever Thus.  I try...

lamove04 said...

Hello Slac, Albert here... thanks for your comment in my Journal re: the Chatsky Parody... Your place is very INTERESTING. I never thought that such big type would be so hard to read. I'll be BAC.  

kornchildrc12 said...

I got to vote for the first time!!!

carolhehe said...

I thunk the nun rappin knuckles ruler plus teach you to mess with the enunciation. Give em a titty twister to teach em who is boss.Welcome babie-Mo who is your daddy! Vote like the slac and don't look back

ckays1967 said...

Slack rack...your tell of chickens and ghorls gost spooks dance for=ever in my minds I.  Laffking all=day, long.
smoochy poochy.

musenla said...

Slacbac the Mac, champion of democracy!  =P


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