Thursday, April 8, 2004




The name "slacbacmac" was created:

a) At birth

b) In skool

c) In the bingo days

d) on=line

e) by Accident


True or false:

The green=ghost is a person.

Slac wears glasses.

George Plimpton is dead.

Maisie is a grand-mother.


Gradable Answers:


c) in the bingo days

False, True, True, True


Essay & Extra Credit:

All were especial good but

some of the spelling was

Atrocious--the teacher does

not write that badly, really.

[Notes next week class...]


slacbacmac said...

The A list:  flo, wildflowre, dancer, ckay, ayn
B+ :Hans [one demerit for talking in class]
C+ :remaining new students & rocky [related]
No current athletic scholarships.  Discuss...

kornchildrc12 said...

Hey, I didn't take the test!!  I just said that I knew all the answers, so I would've gotten higher than a C+.

wildflower121764 said...

I like your unique mood.  :)

haikulike said...

I insist on a scholarship for beachball balancing.  Will the notes include essays and poetry?  I, as student advisor, am offering extraextra=credit to entitle and compose haiku for your Quiz Painting.  Look for it soon in a journal near you!
quizzicalsmooches from The Dancer

haikulike said...

Define, please, The Bingo Days.  Or at least send me the link to its first reference.  I thought I read deeply and well, but obviously not.  your student advisor

karynetaylor said...

you got the note from my doctor, right? You wouldn't want to have to deal with me in your class again next semester.

MY eyeballs are falling out.

~ Karyn

kornchildrc12 said...

Uncle Billy used to work at a bingo hall. (I told you I know all the answers :P)

hrmore1956 said...

I am a horrible, terrible pro=crastinator. Although I did my poem, it took me this long to come up with the answers. Here they are:

c) in the bingo days
False, True, True, True

(I have left a virtual apple on the prof's desk)


deabvt said...

Happy Easter, Slac!!

floralilia said...

i must have been absent that day...dern.

grandmumsy08 said...

Rocky!!  thank you!  Happy Easter to your whole FAMBLY! ~~ dancer, et al

karynetaylor said...

Uncle Billy?

slacbacmac said...

Well done, class...certain excuses have been
noted & added to permanent record.  Beach=ball
balancing has not been added 2 curriculum, yet.
Mean=while, the proper forms of address while
attending class are: Professor, Teach, Mr. Slac
OR Your Especial Eminence.  [save unkabooey for


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