Sunday, April 4, 2004


PARTIAL title: This hoofty wants to move to Hootersville.

More proof that you can never get enuf Green Acres [or three stooges].  Meanwhile, Toni & Todd are still in hospital and each day that passes must bode improvement.  I hope Todd becomes a lot less critical soon.  That would be a mitzvah.

Hey! Where did that hour go? And why is there suddenly more sunshine [altho' truth be told, it's cold and grey now]?

Yes, there is much hair in that self=portrait.  But it's a painting, not a foto.  Over=more it's plenty 4 a man of my brain size...       lata


slacbacmac said...

MY prediction 4 the sweet sixteen? UCONN boys
and girls will go all the way...2005 as well.
As long as they don't lean into the strike=zone.
[4800 visitories??!! when did that Happen?]

haikulike said...

I was just noticing the 4800+, too--careful! that's when my counter evaporated! (no, the klutz herself did that...and I don't know how!) What I found amazing in the portrait were the glasses... just fascinating how they actually looked like, um, glasses (spectacles!) The hour went into the Daylight bank until October. It is a Savings Plan I contribute to freely.

wildflower121764 said...

Wishing you sunny skies soon! :)

deabvt said...

Haiku you!

karynetaylor said...

Go GA Tech!

"Fresh air!"

The stores!

The chores!

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Dancer: yeh, i make a spectacle of Myself [pun]
WildFlower: sun with wind=chill today??
Vince: Gesundheit & Blessings
Karynn: i couldn't sleep from the Theme song
[and now i won't again?!!]...we are there

karynetaylor said...

GA Tech SUCKS!! They didn't deserve to even make it this far ... I am ashamed of them all! Those techni-weenies have NO BUSINESS playing sports. Oops, I'm just reacting to the INCREDIBLE ROUT! Lindsey's going to GA Tech, did I tell you that??

Ah well. Graduates from GA Tech make more than U-Conn ones ...

~ Karyn

kornchildrc12 said...

Hey, forget about this basketball bologna!!!  BASEBALL SEASON IS STARTING!!

musenla said...

Hopefully as the days go by Todd gets a little bit more out of the woods.

Portraits are impressions after all, heh.  =P


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