Monday, April 19, 2004

The Full Shunky

Skunks are  Nocturnal...

Unless they are Rabid or Distemperate.

Murder is a Pity.


That's a haiku too!^

Now, if only i could make my page

more the readable.


Tomorro i shall post the fullness

and Hans will dreme again

of yello=berds.

Additionally i will paint something

pretty in the time=down.>  lata~slak


grrrraaa said...

i have no clue what this journal has in it
this is only my first time here and i dont get this one post but ill come back sometime if u wanna ill post urs on mine :P

hrmore1956 said...

So, let me get this straight: if you see a skunk during the day, he's either got rabies or is in a bad mood?

hrmore1956 said...

"this is only my first time here and i dont get this one post..."

Well, this is about my 100th time here and I haven't gotten one yet (see question below). But, I keep trying.

Hans <--- not a quitter unless it involves dieting or exercise

floralilia said...

mebbe that skunky just had a little too much caffeine and just couldn't sleep....did that copper ever think of that! huh? did he!  no...blammo.  the end. have a nice day.

stupid cop.

sasonalmah said...

Hiya!  You should post some of the pretty things you paint!  Huh....maybe so?


haikulike said...

promises, promises.
Slac--you've gone SINISTER!
I had an epiphany...very scary.  I don't even look at my counters anymore.  Is my ego shrinking?

slacbacmac said...

{this brightest entry in the new=large}
EPIFANIES are bonus, Confusion abounds>
it doesn't bothre me...Read deep, i am the
simplest traveller~~ plus i have Amnesia.


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