Tuesday, April 6, 2004


title: Round and Round...

Apparently my Glow has been updated by the powers that...HEY! They're trying to mainstream the Slack!  Oh but i so enjoy hanging in the back=waters.

Spring is here~i can tell becos evybody wants to talk sports.  All i can say is, go Flyers.  And play clean, all. There are enuf problems @ the werld without sportspeople injuring each othre.  And that goes for Ted Kennedy as well~he plays for the Democrats.

Less=the=Never, all the Glowers are jumping over 2 haiku [Dancer]...it is natural potery month.  I would congratulate them again but i'm afraid i would get smoochy-mushy.  Just keep writing And i will try to gather & garner good news about Toni & Todd.

Happy Passover        mazeltov, slack


z7snowflake said...

I hope things are going better for Toni and Todd. Keep us updated

hrmore1956 said...

Good to hear Toni and Todd are on the rebound.    : )

merelyp said...

I do not want to talk sports.  
I want to play clean.
over=the=more, I want AOL to play clean.  i can't get into my journal!  I instant messaged an entry for today--it's there!  And all the entries all the way back to September are there.  And readable.  But I can't get in there.  I am a mess.  I'll have to show you what might be the shot=up of Scalzi's opening "haiku" .  it is hysterical... and a little disconcerting.   perhaps it would be best not to get on the Ed's list.  But with your constant re(f)(v)erence for it...  Nice Traffic Cop, dude!
Round and Round thoughts for Toni and Todd.

musenla said...

I'm very sports challenged, the only one I watch with any interest is basketball, and right now the Lakers are just getting in my nerves (bad, and I mean BAD game against Portland).

I'm gonna do some haiku-ing soon.  Love your painting!

deabvt said...

Hey, slac,  I`m with you!!    Go F L Y E R S !!

karynetaylor said...

I can't believe my comment isn't showing up, I swear I left one earlier when I was at work sneaking a peak at journals ... tell me about these flyer things, what is it they do that makes people cheer? Who are they? what are the colors, their mating call?

~ Karyn

cyberdancer1008 said...

I really do have a way of dropping in at the most opportune times.  #4900!
Go dancer, go dancer!

slacbacmac said...

The Dancer is a perfect Square [70 x 70]
The Flyers are a hockey=team round these parts.
My 'putre is going nuts with all this Change...it
deters me not, class.  More on Todd & Toni as
news arrives~~chekme but don't elekme

wildflower121764 said...

Hey Slack...just stopping by to say hello.  I love the painting!  You did a wonderful job with this one. :)

hrmore1956 said...

Hey Slac: Is this spring break or something? I came here to learn. And the teacher hadn't posted anything? Is this what I pay AOL $23/mo. for? Huh?

Hans <--- Talks back to teachers.

deabvt said...

Slac Great art work. I hadn`t realized it was an original!   a little Modigliani!

floralilia said...

a mainstreamed slacster - i'd like to see them try...congrats..

and do not..slac...play with any buttons on toni an todds iv pumps..

slacbacmac said...

Ahem.  Jewish Holiday
Class will presently commence again^
altho much can be learned thru 'comments'


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