Sunday, April 25, 2004


Title: sunday slide, double=wide


Anyone who knows me...i mean the

six Glowers who read...skip it.

Point on point, Sunday is my favourite

day 'cos i slack the back even more than

usual. Like boiling beans with a ham

hock early in the morning & slicing

onions and celery...all for the good

of soop. Altho, slicing onions first

thing in the morning is a mournful

experience. I didn't actually haf soop

for breakfast; i had two fried eggs,

toast & salsa-grits. The beautiful

soop came later.


This is my recipe for chocolate coffee,

aka mocha: One heaping teaspoon of

leaded instant coffee, one medium

teaspoon chocolate powder, zappt

water & a splash of Real whole milk.

Two or three of these and you are

good to go! Oh, Yeah--don't forget

a teaspoon of real sugar. {The emphasis

is on the real ingredients, even tho it

is just instant coffee}


Speaking of the New York Times

cross=werd puzzle [and who was?],

today's puzzle was a gosh=darn

repeat! The answers were for a

different puzzle~i check but do not

cheat. And since i already did this

particular puxxle about four weeks

ago, i'm pretty sure i Aced it, again.

It pondres me if some of the AOL

editors aren't moonlighting for The

Times. Over=more, i hope my rep

hasn't been tarnished by the use of

a newspaper brand name. {i despise

when i break one of my own unwritten



^If i weren't so relaxed, my Especial

insanity would overtake me.

Holy frijole! I've got to vote on

Tuesday. It's a dingdang Primary and

i have much the research to do!

Fortunately, tomorro is a werk day

and i can study the issues if i don't

get too many branches & twigs.


Would that i were me, even so.


slacbacmac said...

And they thot i couldn't
make a normal entry within
the super=size fo'mat.  Hah!
[i dance backward up stairs]
Visitories, add comments
with hard returns^25 letters
per line...

z7snowflake said...

lol...ur words are too cute! May I have some soop ?

deabvt said...

That was great, Slac.... Moonlighters!!

carolhehe said...

MMMMMMM Soop deloop spells good

floralilia said...

"It pondres me if some of the AOL

editors aren't moonlighting for The


nah, that would be joan shatsky.

hilarious entry, as ususal oh slacmastersoopmaker.

wildflower121764 said...

Sunday is one of my favorite days too. Nice entry! :)

ckays1967 said...

laffking back slac a roo !!!!!!!!

AOL moonligters evade the Times...!!!!!

******evil grin********

haikulike said...

moi aussi.
double-wide herself, or didn't you see the photos in Neverland?

musenla said...

Onions cause less tears when refrigerated.  =P

Ehrm, puzzles are tough, I think the AOL editors will be discombobulated!


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