Friday, January 30, 2004

Going Under=Ground

Title:  There's a game Sunday?

  Yes, the abof^ pictures are borroed...but from Relatifs!  The Slack does not own a single digital camera.  {Aren't all cameras digital?  Try taking a picture without Fingers.}  And there will be no end of trouble when i grab a SCANNER!  These are the jokes, folks.  And what about that guy using all the big werds in previous entries?  You'd think he was intelligible or Kollej~edgerkated; glad he don't e=mail or IMP myself.  Purty paintins tho. may ask, why is i goin' underground 4 the end=week?  Two reasons i reckon~~werk is over & there's a big=ass football game on Sunday. Plus all the alternatif videos set agin it.

  Second, i hear tell of a nasty pooter bug that promises 2 frig up my dell sumpin awful.  Best i should lie low at an undisclosed location while the smart peoples hunt down the Dick=Weed who writ up that dang thang.  A pox on his haus, whomever he be [unless he's a girl].   Wood that it weren't so.  i wish i had more funny junk...

   And no, you=all, i don't have no bets laid off against them ball=foot gladiatours; i jest pray that nobody gets killt outright.  And as they say in Japan sometimes: sighOHnahra              schlak 


musenla said...

Dropping by to say hello, old pal. Wyatt is a cutie, aww. I wanna pinch his cheeks! I know nothing about football, so I guess this is one more chick who ain't watching. Have a great weekend!

louf48 said...

"Rivers and the inhabitants of the watery elements are made for wise men to contemplate and for fools to pass by without consideration." - Izaac Walton

slacbacmac said...

i get it~~the fish in/out of water thing. Enjoy the big game, i am ground=under.
OH! And thanks again for the Jack Daniel's Shrimp...

kornchildrc12 said...

Uncle Billy:

lol it's 'Sayoonara' silly


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