Friday, January 16, 2004


Title:  It's Really just a Thing.

Seems like only last week that i passed Mr. 2700.  That's a lot of lurkers! [read me & supersede me]  OR maybe i just corrected myself alot & trolled too often 4 Mumsyisms. Of which i can only add, you may already be a Winner!  Oh, and i highly recommend the Penta=Glows this week...they tickle my sense of Eclecticism.  {spellcheck that last sentence^}  The day at the yard was dismal, customer exchanging toter=wise But i managed to remain cozy in the slackshack with my woolies & my space heater.  Of gourse i dressed in layers...My old man taught me that much!  And i feel for Lizard & Maisie & the many others colder more Northernly of here. [northerly?]  Braveness, little ones 4 in a mere six month we shall all complain of opressif Heat!  Just like Lois Nettleton in that Twilight Zone episode.

("I like to read the Slack=man but he is like forever going on about the Weather.")  I'm going to miss Uta Hagen, who had a great FIT in The Boys From Brazil: 'Shotzee?!  You want to know the birthday of my dachshund?!  You are a crasy old man!'  Not many Glowers can put Lois & Uta in the same entry~~and as they say on Public Radio: I'll take my Answer off=the=air.


merelyp said...

I be wondering how many who read this even know who Uta Hagen is? not many? I know. I know lots, which unfortunately I neglect to display often. I used to be a blonde, and I practiced my dizziness. Now it <dizziness>(and grey) comes naturally. . . so I declare myself RED-Headed! What does that mean?
Only Charlie Brown knows for sure.

slacbacmac said...

Dizziness is not well practised in One so bright, regardless of hair=colour. And lots of people know Uta & Lois~~they just don't know they know. My Amnesia does not yet extend to hundreds of Uncelebrated actors! That might very well be
the NEXT PRISE! i keep a list with flowers & smooches

kornchildrc12 said...


floralilia said...

#2831. and my daschund is still dead. but visits my mind often. great dawgs, those are, eh?

merelyp said...

If you can remember, I would like to have Edward Norton for a prize. OH, you aren't giving actors as prizes? gosh dawg it. You are counting smooches?
here b several---

karynetaylor said...

The SlackShack. I love it. Need more descriptions of it. So far I am picturing the exact same motif as in little 80's bar I found downtown called "Tin Roof" ... without the near-topless bartender girlie, of course.

~ Karyn


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