Friday, January 2, 2004


Title:  Called Back To Werk.

One may ask out of curiosity what i did for New Year's.  Well, i made the green=ghost road~worthy by getting some tail=pipe & brake date=ups.  The mechanics love 2 werk on my old car 'cos it's all funny noises! Some of the problems they can fix with large rocks.  But it is a hard car to kill.

Nevertheless, i went to bed early and totally missed Guy Lombardo & all the others.  In fact, i slept like a babe!  Right thru any local noise and falderall.  I must be rapidly approaching middle=age. OH! The bank thing~~since And 1 i have been printing the year just like that on chex/deposits. mm/dd/  But like all revolutionary concepts, it hasn't caught on with Anyone but me.  Funny how the money always goes through!

Regardless of that, i went back to werk temporarily Today--exchanging large crud=buckets for medium crud=buckets.  The new garbage contractor [and yours truly] will be busy for a couple months as we grade=up my site real de travail.  It'll shake out & i don't mind the 'overtime'.  Plus they originally hired me for my especial resiliency.  And if you're not totally bored & asleep by now, WAKE UP ALREADY and start signifying your checks with mm/dd/And4!       20slack04

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