Thursday, January 22, 2004


Title:  Broadening the Base

yes, yes~~you all get prizes as we cruise toward the big trey thou. [tre grande?]  And as is my Custom, i extend the colourful flowers 2 goofy interlopers with equanimity.

Apparently, i was supposed to werk on Monday...or so my boss told me Wednesday morning!  id est, they need me to placate the remaining residents who despise the new trash=pails.  And make exchanges 4 anothre week...

The resistance to change is palpable but manageable, and they're welcome 2 pay for my services.  So it goes.

Else=wise, the slack~site tends 2 be apolitical so i can't say more than enuf about Thomas Jefferson. And that is my last statement on Presidential favourites.  Let's rather concentrate on bringing back the Dark Shadows to cable!  OH, Yeah! And the humour, the lafter...the cure for 'pooter problems is: fill bath=tub with Dom Perignon, dunk head three times, raise head twice.

Correct me @ will, i have amnesia.     [slack=me?]


karynetaylor said...

I wanted Barnabas Collins (in my own little 8-year-old girl way)!!

~ Karyn

floralilia said...

2971. darn!

merelyp said...



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