Saturday, January 17, 2004

Vito Scotti

Title: How do you spell Weiner=dog?

My music is so soothing...i just haf 2 remember 2 turn it on while i'm Glowing.  So many people out there don't have real record=players with which 2 listen 2 Thriller [or Electric Avenue].  Mean=while, the pizza controversy has passed only to be replaced by excitement over Canines.  id est, I mourn for Flora's late floor=scrubber & Admire the Shear 4 having so many.  And altho' dogs are said 2 have the Buddha~Nature, i can take 'em or leave 'em. [Dogs tend 2 conflict with my Own deliberate walking, i weep slightly]  As for the prise~structure regarding especially frequent feminine Visitors, you grrls are on your own!  Flowers, smooches, paintings & such i present freely; form a caucus [see Iowa & Iraq] and petition me with copious Requests.  Then, being a Schloppy Ape=man, i would presently Ignore them!

{i laff, burp, gurgle & clear my throat}  OH, Yeah! Vito Scotti is that accomplisht veteran character Actor who appeared in almost every Columbo episode [also, the Mad Scientist on 2 Gilligan's Isles].  Some=body should find out if he's doing OK, or just Immortal.  Mean=while, if you want 2 learn any=thing about Afghanistan, watch Sean Connery in The Man Who Would Be King tonight on TCM.

Vito isn't in that film...quel domage.         Lata


merelyp said...

I got the smooches and the paintings...where are my FLOWERS??????
Never mind, just bein a brat. I will pilfer some from my image garden.
I have not decided what the gray box with the yeller window is yet, but the recliner is very lovely. don't ya jes luv airbrush?

slacbacmac said...

The grey window is a light source 4 the Air=brush~~the Recliner is much simplified, SANS PRIZE=WERTHY Flowers. Werking on a totally white Painting that Glowers would deem 'BRILLIANT'!

spunknit said...

Taking the smooches, & back at ya! Thanks for stopping by my journal! :)


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