Friday, January 9, 2004


Title:  many Mouse~clicks lata

Shouts 2 Muse & Agent 99 [and dozens of others who lurk and laff]  It wasn't so bad at werk to=day but sheet it was damnable cold enuf!  Oh, well, it is Winter after all & the oil=tank is full.  {Hypothermia is just another state of mind}

So, Any=way, i came home and thot 4 a moment that i would just jump on=line and check out the werld...but my putre had other ideas!  Like it didn't even want to sign me on as myself!  What's up with dat?  So i descended into All=is=well hell [they actually helped a little] and then more precipitously onto the cliffs of Dell~help.  So many forms of pages and fields 2 fill out...they must be Perturbed i didn't buy Any=thing.  Never mind, i am an equal oppurtunity Curmudgeon @ this point. Up=shot of all which, i finally arrived here in my own Glow [listening 2 my own music on Winders] only to Notice that the 'pooter is useful~~but HOW?? it is an essential question...and i am too tired & cold 2 answer it fully, just now.  [id est, the Slacker was just werkin' for the week=end as the Toter=Exchanger]  Therefor i leave this entry as an open invitation 4 any & all 2 comment upon similar frustrates...         sleepwell


louf48 said...

Eliminate 6 of your 7 firewalls and the computer will work better!

merelyp said...

what's the deal with a zillion Internet Explorer Pop-ups all day long? I clicked through 7 just to get to yer page.
frustrates galore!
here are others: i am blue for no reason whatsoever; i am old for no reason whatsoever; i am clumsy of the hoof and mouth for no reason whatsoever.

slacbacmac said...

never enuf fire=walls goof. And as for merely being clumsy of hoof & mouth...
i hope it's not that mad=cow thing! i laff, i eat farmed Salmon.

karynetaylor said...

must comment on the art. but words escape me. I need a job, and I'm off to see a depressing movie, but your talents make me smile.

~ Karyn


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