Wednesday, January 7, 2004


title:  This bittre cold...

Some days you just feel like the CHICKEN who had his/her head cut off.  Not complaining tho becos my life is Grand all=together.  The werk of exchanging carrier=cans is calming down by degrees; And the salty language of a vituperatif Nature has almost certainly burned itself out.

More=over, i have discovered a new Talent~~Namely, writing with a Sharpie [brand=name] on a clip=board with totally gloved fingers.

  I know it's not something a person Naturally or normally includes on their resume but it does keep the finger=nails from freezing in the full moon blistery bliss. {ooops~poetry unintended}  It's not the very coldness i mind so much as the dressing in multiple layers and the Inevitable wool-hat-hair!  At least the green=ghost goes good in the cold as i am running around from place 2 place.  Twas ever thus & i'll come back to this when I am more funny than freezing [hey! there's a Nude woman up there in the summer, i think], a Nippy*slack*Bippy     brrrrrr


linus131999 said...

lol! ur journal is quite interesting and u got a naked lady woo hoo.

slacbacmac said...

Thanks agent 999~~many think i have interest. Others just go,"What the Heck is This??" The 'paintings' are bonus. --Author

musenla said...

Hello, ol' pal. Just wanted to wave hello (you can wave back with those gloved fingers, grin) and say I appreciate your occasional short but wise comments on my journal. Keep warm!

slacbacmac said...

short & wise with Gloved waving~~i can certainly consider that an accurate description, as brutally cold as i am... And when i warm up, i'll send you some=thing [well, 'cos u r the Muse!]

karynetaylor said...

I think an 18 X 24 of this lady would look AWESOME in the wall space above my puter. She makes me feel wistful, and I envy her firm ass and perky breasts. Yet I love her like no other woman.

~ Karyn


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