Sunday, January 18, 2004


title: Shovelling, whimsically...

Call me contrary~~i like the falling snow.  It makes one pensive & youth=ful.  We all have the day off tomorro any=way, thanx 2 the grand & Illustrious Doctor King.  Gone too soon, as many are.

{i will not jinx the foot=ball by commenting on it, heart+cross} Yet, as i depart, i am surprised that no=one has dated me up about Vito Scotti!  Never mind, there are more readers than researchers; 'twas ever thus.

Did i mention that i like the Snow?  Amnesia is such a cruel task=mistress.  OOPS! i am so missing the off~kick...

        the snowpackingslack


merelyp said...

lazy, lazy--here ya go:

slacbacmac said...

As i suspected~~Vito is among the Immortals. Yet, laziness becomes me as i travel this Road. The alternatif is Impenetrable! more tommoro, gang


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