Saturday, January 10, 2004


Title:  Cold Regrets

On such a bittre day, i must clear the boards.  Especially as regards my older entries that some=times included unattributed fotoes.  The good Uncle John {Scalzi} shamed me into it.  id est, i convict myself of the sin of borrowing fantastic pictures AND neglecting to link to the originators.  [i am not the best linker of Record but mea maxima culpa none=the=less]

  AS for the Glower/fotogs, they should examine my older entries dated 9/22 thru 10/19 and chastise me via e=mail @ their leisure and or out=rage.  Forgiveness, and i shall attribute more fully in future.  Bear in mind that i borrowed out of love 4 grand pictures, as a fellow Artist.

[accidentally like a Martyr] Mean=while it is as cold as a nun's navel here, and many are advised to stay in=of=doors.  It was the coldest damned day of the year and Hane, on her birf=day, concurs in this weather~wisdom.  {great=granma is pushing 80 the hard way but she is so full of pish & Vinegar...which Hane will pour on most of our Graves!} And there you have it.  Was this entry supposed to be apologetic or maudlin?  I don't remember...yet one must thank the Jay~Way 4 setting us all straight about the plagiarism thing. Glows 2 Flow~more & better lata, Attributed or better yet: Original!   chekme but don't elekme...  the penitent~slack

[all advise & comment]


merelyp said...

Oh, dear, i steal everything and only in passing give it the attribution. I cannot draw or photog myself, u c.
I am going to check old blogs now, as instructed.
with maudlin mush,

merelyp said...

OH!!!! & I meant to tell you I was the 2700th visitor. Do I get a prize? I was also the 2702nd, 2710th, and 2 more recently. I have no place else to go!
sad sam

floralilia said...

sister mary floralilia told me to tell you to say three hail mary's and a holy be..for your plageristic sins of the holyaolfather. repent sinnerslackmack.


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