Monday, January 26, 2004


Title: This is the Path.

Moe Howard: "Why don't you watch what yer doin'?"  Shemp Howard: "Why don't you do what yer watchin'?"

Is it true, or even probable that i have a large fan=base?  Nah~~there's just me, editing, About a dozen die=hards visiting and re=visiting, and various random and surreptitious curiositors {whoops~there's anothre new werd!}.  Never=the=less,  i wallow in moderate attention. Hey! It's just a thing.  Altho', some of my Gals think i'm gonna be the big schmelly one of these days, and i simply cannot dash their Fantasies!

I am the cultivator of this tiny garden and as such, i proceed gently, purposely and care=fully. [NOW, i'm boring myself! waaay pathetic...]  OR as i used 2 say in my bingo days, i am the shadow of the cloud of the mist on the side of the mountain with the shade of the oak in the forest with its leaves in the breeze of the valley on its fullness...etcetera.  And Hey, if that's not poetry~~it comes close.  Which, filosofically, is neither here nor there. Yet there is a path {see subject} which might lead YOU to the shadow of etcetera... It's a fortuitous occurence that i forget so many of the things i Reveal.  They fold in upon them=selves.  To garden^? To Paint^??  To drive upon the Glowing schlippy Path??^^

poetics? rhetoric? forensics?  The questions over=take the dreamy and dreamful,  slack



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karynetaylor said...

Hey, Cheese, I am going to have to steal the phrase, "back in my Bingo days ..." as it had me laughing loudly for no one else to enjoy as I sit here humped over the screen all by my lonesome, wearing more clothes than a person should hafta indoors cuz I don't touch the thermostat set by my husband! Anyway, also loved the importance description.

Reachin up to get to gutter,

~ Karyn


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