Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Title: the toter=exchanger takes a short break...

What?! It's Tuesday already?  Man, this real life just so interferes with Glowing at long and at last.  Who else but the smackable slack eats chili=rice 4 breakfast & takes the day off because one is only slightly needed?  And the day off is never an un=busy day!  There is more 2 do, not less! 'Tis almost enuf to cripple a facile mind [filled as is with insignificata.]  Hey, Mumsy! If you're gonna re=heat that pizza, just remember 2 use the dry heat oven!  Hane reheated a slice yesterday in the microwave and she managed to burn it!  filosofically & engineerically [?] i thot it was IMPOSSIBLE.  Yet, if there is a way 2 get an improbable out=come, the Grand Matriarch will discover it.  Which surprises me not all that much. {do a grammer check}  The zen thing 2 do is 2 be entirely present when such unusual events occur~~any sidereal Action would tend to collapse in disastre.  My eyes & other senses are attenuated, merely, metafysically And my reptile=brain is constantly Defensif! {Yet, the pooter itself some=times makes me dopplic}  In any case, i get along as i go along~~and i shall become the paradigm of the especial Glower which i almost Am.  And smooch or smack those who follow, particularly.  I feel a conniption or Amnesia coming on    elekme &/or chekme, the mystical OR pragmatic endo=slak


merelyp said...

smacbac, slac!
Who on EARTH or Mars or Pluto would reheat pizza anyway? Cold Pizza is the best breakfast food on earth.
Facile and/or amnesiac minds should know this as ultimate truth.
didja see my boo-ty-ful dafter and wond'rous hubby under the O sign?

sonensmilinmon said...

Gimme the pizza cold .... I love left over pizza not warmed up.

uscga1995 said...

Yard waste? The flowers have been yard waste for several weeks (or months). Fertilizer by now... I'm confused at the fan based you seem to have developed. Enjoy....


floralilia said...

u be a rebel rousing slackmaster i see...with a flair for ebonicslack and a slice of rapperslack on top. vhery interrrresssting...(and if you be a childe of the 60's you know where that came from)....thanks for being the man behind the mystery comment at the official journal of pointless posting. it was officially appreciated slackbackjackmack. ~flora


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