Monday, February 2, 2004


Title:  Me & My Shadow...

Wow, that was some game, wasn't it?  Not that i watched much but...  i trail off

Meanwhile, we had the great visit from Maisie and Pop=Pop Lou.  A Happy happy birthday to Himself & Colonel Don Diego [my elder brother on the Left Coast].  Would that i had been born that deeply in the last Epoch!  Maybe, i'm only as old as i look.

Saturday night, 7 of us went to the local TGIF & had a grand festif dinner.  I believe that restaurant broke the fire=code that night.  And altho' i reserved way in advance under my given name, i took the table that was proffered under "Mary".  No reflexion on the parthenogenesis of individual parties~~let's just say there were many Virgins @ that table.  Hane blew it off all=together but she was the life of the party @ home.  Lou had a hard time keeping up, yet he is the most especial Instigator!  We forgif him that sometimes becos he can be Wise @ length.  And since i was full of free food, and carried fleetly on SUV wheels...  Did i mention it was a grand party?

Rocky would have the best understanding of what truly transpired.  Blade & the Sub=mariner were under the weather. [which is improving]

That catches me up almost entirely if memory serves~~adding only that i will miss Captain Kangaroo, Jack Paar & the Captain of the Pueblo.  It really wasn't his fault that the Koreans captured his vessel so well and so fully.  That cold war was a female dog all=to.  More=over, if you live in the next 7 states that haf 2 nominate a Democrat~~Vote! goshdarnit! we're Counting on yer input.

id est, go real Patriots, go

i am the quasipolitical  slack


slacbacmac said...

Aloha & Shalom~~them are werds i can spell, Rocky.
Hey there Muse! It was a good ball=foot game but i totally share
your disinterest. 22 guys chasing an OBLONG ball, hmm.
Others who read~~up=comment me often, i don't take it Personable.

merelyp said...

Liar! you are very personable! outstandingly personable. Please don't take this personally.

louf48 said...

Don't give up, don't EVER give up-Jimmy V

floralilia said...

eschew sesquipedalian obfuscation slack...

merelyp said...

avoid many-syllabic kissing? sure, why not? You turkey, made me research after all.
but I am apolitical, let me make that perfectly clear.

slacbacmac said...

Flo means,"Shun foot & a half werds which muddy..."


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