Sunday, January 4, 2004


Title: they grow so fast, when you're not Looking.

What you don't know about the abof^ picture is that Maisie and her son's son are staring at a dog's butt in the next yard thru a chain=link fence. I used to be able 2 set up shots like that with an X-camera on 126 film! [and later tonight i will listen 2 oldies on my Reel-to-Reel.] So the contest is 2 find the dog=butt in the digital pic & send it to me cropped & painted[Windows style] by e=mail.  No prizes as yet becos i am dirt poor! {i know, some of you have already started painting...quit now! There ain't no prizes!} Kay is back in the cold Hinterland, altho wild Harry was good 2 check on me as i completed the Sunday puzzle [save 1 letter, damn].  Jim is busy writing the sequel trilogy 2 LOTR ala StarWars pre=1977 [it confuses me too but it keeps the Engineer busy.]  comments are always welcome as i toddle off 2 Paint my own version of Madonna, child & kaka=dooty dog~tail...still no prizes, slackus inimitabilus


linus131999 said...

very nice page stop by mine sometimes although sometimes i have a foul mouth im working on that lol

slacbacmac said...

Yes, dear--i try 2 keep it clean myself too...but the dog is in that picture somewhere. Check my older[!] entries~~i can't because they make me break
out in FITS. when i remember @ all Amnesiac04

floralilia said...

regarding the one missing letter - when in doubt - always add an "e". it's slack to perfection.


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