Thursday, June 3, 2004




It was a beautiful day to go

to the Doctor. And it was

a good appointment, even

though he and we were each

half an hour late...


Hane & i were late because

one of the high school students

parked in front of my garage.

[Now, she has to pay a ticket

for being so rude.] But there

are always alternatives and we

simply went by taxi. Best 14

dollars we have spent recently.

The Doctor was late because

they are always running late.

You could show up @ dawn and

still wait an hour---Nature of

that beast, i guess. Any=way,

the Doctor loves visiting with

Hane because she is such a

gracious heart patient. OR not.

That is to say, He nearly always

has to straighten the Matriarch

out about her medical regime.

And then counts on me to keep

her honest in following his

advice. In Basketball, this is

known as double-teaming.

The good doctor also would like

me as the care=taker to eat

many more ice cream bars

smothered in gravy...and double

cheese pizza for breakfast.

[Allright, he didn't say that

exactly---but we are sympathetic

Advocates for the Matriarch.]


Did i already say it was a

beautiful day? The sun is

shining on my garden and the

sky is especial blue. Hope it

holds up for a few days...that

would increase the filling of

Saturday's roll=offs.


Meanwhile, in Glow=werld,

Flo, Mumsy, BabyMae & I are

still enjoying the afterglow {?}

of our unique and fantastic

roadtrip/confluence/meeting of

the Minds. They have posted all

the good pix & i am just now

figuring out how to make a

decent album of the Event...

{esoteric? eclectic? random?

minimal? all=encompassing?}

I'll put it together soon and

eventual~Bounce to them in the

meantime. OR go to Jay and

Kayy for just as interesting

'vacances'. OH~you know who

they are, by now^


It's just a thing. A good thing to

be sure. Quote me the much but

don't Vote me into the Pentagonal

Pantheon---i can barely stand how

Famous i am already. Really.


I am Wide & waiting for yet more

Wedding fotoes~slack


deabvt said...

We`re waiting too!

onestrangecat said...

If the doctor even hinted that the care taker should eat like that, then go ahead.  It is good for you.


merelyp said...

I thought sure I'd click the Ed's picks and see you and Flora and Vince and BabyMae up in lights today.  I be wrong.  I been wrong before.
It's so funny you say you're collecting... I began a folder called "Florabilia"-- it contains some hilarious e-mails as we set this crazy meeting up.  I'm saving it for bribery.  I want keys to the kingdom.
and I already want to come back to Pennsylvania.

sunflowerkat321 said...

The sky has been especially beautiful the last couple of days...I've been noticing TOO!

karynetaylor said...

I am going to name a folder on my computer "Florabilia" just cuz its such a darn cute name!!

Slac, dude, Mr. Wide, Cartoon Handsome as it is, just lean on me for help with the presentation=graphic for your journal, especially blissful nups. It's what I do and some of my favorite subjects!

Or are you saying the photes are stuck in a developing machine somewhere??

~ Karyn

merelyp said...

You said, in my journal (everybody who lurks should scamper there...)--
{I paint what i experience}
If you are 'pregnant' with full experience,
I am 'tall' with pride/hospitality...
There ya go^

This is syllogism.

slacbacmac said...

WE Glow & transit~~it is enuf.
WE post & comment & Bounce, an added
Mitzvah!  From syllogism to splined koans
i admire my Adherents; a Joined filosofy is
a Good filsofy>>  more the 'morro...

hrmore1956 said...

Maybe Hane needs a list of medications and at what time she's supposed to take them, if the problem is forgetting meds or skipping them. My sister made one for my mother since the latter takes about 14 meds a day. Just a thought from HansWorld.


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